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311: Interview With Chris Stout Of STOUT


Interview with Chris Stout of STOUT

-Chris shares how he and Sam met at the Jamf Nation User Conference (hint: it involves a Command Control Power t-shirt)

-Chris has a great and unique domain at stout.computer.  He discusses acquiring that domain and some of the initial challenges with a different URL and email address

-Jerry is a fan of the site and the design

-Sam is curious about Chris’ business relationships in the field to grow his operation.  A reliable wiring person can go a long way

-Chris made the push to become a Jamf Integrator about a year and a half ago and tells our audience how that relationship works and how he uses it to help grow his business

-Moving to CA while his wife had worked lined up became the catalyst for him to be able to pursue becoming a Jamf Integrator

-A question Sam posed to the group: have you acquired a new client that had networking equipment you were not familiar with and if so, how do you handle it?

-A subject that Chris is familiar with is surveillance and IP cameras

-Chris backs a product called Security Spy, which is a Mac based product:


-The most common conversation that Chris has is comparing closed circuit camera systems like Security Spy or Surveillance Station to the simple cloud services like Nest or Canary

-Giving users the ability to maintain their own recordings and the ability to fully control who possesses the video is a big selling point

-When making camera solution suggestions, Chris is always looking to spec for growth

-Bringing it all home to managed services, Chris is looking to tie in his security offering to be included in an ongoing monthly management piece