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253: Interview with Justin Maxwell of Smith.ai & Keypad


Justin Maxwell of Smith.ai and Keypad joins us for an incredibly informative and in depth interview.  Most recently the design lead for Google’s Android Auto, Justin has designed products and built teams for Google, Apple, Mint (Intuit), Sony, and plenty of startups along the way.  Here are two of Justin's offerings that we discuss on Command Control Power:

-Smith.ai is a superior call answering & intake service for small & solo businesses. Their live, U.S.-based virtual receptionists capture & qualify leads, book new clients, and build better relationships with your existing clients.

-Keypad is the most advanced & affordable cloud phone system for small businesses.  Keypad offers call routing, call analytics, and many customizations to help you track your performance, and convert more leads.

-Justin takes us through not only the story of how he brought these businesses to life but his life at Apple as an interaction designer for Apple.com

-As we talk Smith.ai, Justin describes the look and feel of the site and how it relates to their customers

-Smith.ai acts as your virtual receptionist, to provide a layer between customers and your business.  At the same time, they are able to weed out all of the spam or unnecessary calls.

-Justin was mint.com's first UX hire and gave him good perspective on small businesses and their needs

-Their team essentially followed around small businesses over the course of a Summer to figure out what their needs were and what they found was that phone calls were the biggest pain point

-Instead of being a brick & mortar company, they utilized VoIP technology and highly skilled employees working from their locations

-"It all starts with a phone call"

-Jerry can't imagine running his business without Smith.ai at this point.  Even just not having to answer calls at client sites to try and make a sale

-Smith.ai's system uses machine learning to help the receptionists make the right decisions over the course of a call and provide the correct answers, versus reading from a script

-Joe & Justin discuss their easy to understand pricing as opposed to minute based pricing

-Keypad is an excellent complement to the Smith.ai service.  Instead of using services like Ring Central, Google Voice or Grasshopper, which can add latency to a call, they developed Keypad.

-You can sign up for the beta of Keypad here

-Simplicity is a focus of Keypad because of feedback the team has received about similar service offerings

-Justin discusses analytics to understand when volume is high or knowing when you need additional support

-Jerry mentions a possible higher tier offering for VIP support and how to tie it in to our monthly services plans

-Joe signs up right here on the show!

-Look out for service offerings in the chat space from Justin's team

248: Interview with Jeramy LeCompte and Daniel Allen of FLEXdesk by Rooted Consulting


We have the great pleasure of having not one, but two guests on this week.  Jeramy LeCompte and Daniel Allen of Rooted Consulting join us to talk about their outsourced help desk service, FLEXdesk.

 Jeramy lecompte

Jeramy lecompte

 daniel allen

daniel allen

FLEXdesk is a flexible, outsourced HelpDesk service that allows you to quickly and easily scale your business with a highly qualified and experienced team without adding the expenses associated with traditional employees. This allows you to focus on customer support and gives you peace of mind to provide a great customer experience.

-Daniel answers some questions regarding minimum requirements and overall logistics of onboarding new clients

-Jeramy also talks about providing tier 1 and tier 2 support for their customers as well as offering tier 3 when necessary.

-Everyone on the FLEXdesk team has obtained at least Apple Certified Support Professional status

-They discuss the challenges that all teams face when dealing with a new end user that may be unfamiliar with the personnel

-Documentation is key and makes the handoff seamless to the FLEXdesk team

-Some benefits of FLEXdesk:
    -Allows you to free up time to focus on building your business
    -Takes out the need to hire a full time employee
    -Reduces costs in training and on-boarding 

-Scheduling and prioritizing is a critical aspect of how they operate

-Looking to get started?  Email support@rootedconsulting.org to reach out to a member of the team.  Or visit www.rootedconsulting.org/flexdesk


244: Victory From The Jaws Of Defeat



-This week we are proud to be sponsored by FLEXdesk, an offering from our friends at Rooted Consulting.  FLEXdesk - Help Desk support that grows with you

-Sam shares a story where a client has some confusion with hardware

-Social media and clients.  Do they mix? 

-Joe shares a story about a client calling and saying the keyboards were not working at their retail store so they couldn't check out customers. We walked through looking for a battery compartment or a way to plug them in, but they didn't seem to have any way to change batteries or charge them. Then Joe remembered that the Logitech keyboards are solar powered and wonders if something changed in the environment. Client said they recently replaced all the lights with energy efficient LEDs! Apparently the new LED lights are so efficient, they don't have any spare light to charge the keyboards (or more likely, they aren't the right wavelength of light to work with the solar panels).

-Sam talks about voice recognition when meeting someone in person

-After upgrading a hard drive on a 27" iMac, Sam realizes he needed to fix the hinge.  He found an excellent option from The Mac Hack. As it turns out, a site that Joe knows well.

-Joe investigates a situation where sent mail doesn't show in the client's Sent mailbox. Mail.app was configured to BCC the client on all emails, and Gmail was deleting the copy from his Sent when the copy in the Inbox was deleted.

-Sam recounts being at JFK Airport in New York City when the emergency alert system was used to warn of a water main break in the next terminal and wonders if iBeacon was used to alert only people in the airport.

Hawaii warning.jpg

-We discuss the recent false alarm in Hawaii which also used the emergency alert system, and while Joe can't help but introduce a conspiratorial angle, it was likely due to bad design. Perhaps Heinlein's Razor (or Hanlon's Razor) – "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity" – applies here.

-followup on Episode 236: MacBook Pro - Turn Back Time re: Temp user can not be deleted. Joe noticed that when migrating to a clean install of 10.13.2, Migration Assistant prompts to re-enter some users' passwords. For non-admin users, it changes passwords to a temporary password (looks like one generated by Keychain Assistant) and then prompts the user to change it upon first login. Could this be related to the root login issue? And/or to Joe’s Temp user issue? Note the difference in behavior when using Reset Password vs. Change Password. Joe bets that it's related to the method of storing the password hash – maybe there’s a less secure format for legacy accounts with longstanding passwords, which Apple has now deprecated?

237: Beeping not Clicking

- Justin Esgar of the ACEs Conference and Will O'Neal, President of Mid-Atlantic Computer Solutions, join us to discuss ACEs 2018 in Baltimore, MD

- listeners get a 10% discount on ACEs Conference: https://acesconf.com/go/ccp

- Sam helped his Mom with iOS 11 update

- Jerry has MacBook Pro followup: he upgraded to a two year old machine

- buying on eBay

- selling used Macs on eBay or Mac Of All Trades

- Johnny Ive responds to criticism of MacBook Pro

- iPhone X impressions

- Sam fixed a failing drive that was beeping, not clicking: Opened up 2.5” hard drive to repair (moved the heads into park position while turning platter counterclockwise (it was beeping, NOT clicking)


The Piezoelectric Effect

- Text Expander Snippet For Email Advice

- High Sierra PSA courtesy of Jason Campbell, ZMS Consulting:

    “Scenerio: A Mac workstation running High Sierra is working off a Mac server. The Mac server is running macOS Server.app 5. 

    Issue: The lock files generated when opening files that live on the Mac server aren’t deleting when the file is closed. This causes ‘file in use’ messages when trying to open the file again. It times out in about 10 minutes but still another reason to hold off on upgrading businesses to High Sierra. Apple engineers are aware of this and are working to resolve.”

    Credit to Jeff Satterwhite for finding the issue. He’s the owner of Post Mod Tech out of Austin, TX. He’s a longstanding ACN member and FileMaker developer. 

    Thanks to our Patrons for sponsoring Command Control Power!

    216: The Hokey Pokey

    We're sponsored this week by Watchman Monitoring, a favorite tool of ours that should be in every professional consultant's toolkit.

    Visit WatchmanMonitoring.com/cmdctrlpwr and sign up for your free trial to find out how Watchman Monitoring can keep an eye on your client machines and notify you of over 100 issues. Be sure to tweet @cmdctrlpwr #CCPsentme to support the show!


    • Joe talks about slow systems that have not been upgraded.

    • Joe offers a PSA: it's not possible to create an iCloud.com email address beginning with a number, but the Mac doesn't specify the error when it fails for this reason. Thankfully, the error message was specified on the iPhone. Also, there's a limit of three iCloud accounts created per device from a Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

    • Joe talks about building a Frankenstein MacBook Pro that needed the firmware password reset. Mac EFI Reset Tool to the rescue!

    • Jerry mentions delaminating screens and Staingate.

    • Joe mentions yet another PSA about it being impossible to turn off two-factor on some Apple IDs created in iOS 10.3 or macOS 10.12.4.

    • Sam talks about a VMWare Fusion issue, resolved by turning off the floppy drive... in 2017?!

    • We compare the movie Inception to connecting remotely into a Mac running a virtual machine.

    • Sam follows up about logging into any standard user from the login window by using the admin account.

    • We discuss client confusion when setting up Touch ID. Locating the Touch ID sensor behind the screen (a possibility recently discussed on Accidental Tech Podcast) might make this much more clear for clients.

    • Sam discusses feeling like one of his clients – sitting with his Mac in front of the TV, his Mac became haunted... tune in to find out how he exorcised the daemons.

    • Joe wonders what listeners are recommending for antivirus.

    • Joe discusses issues he's seen with malware such as Linky Search changing the homepage in Safari and making it difficult to change or reset.

    • Jerry and Joe discuss the remote power switch capabilities of WattBox and the OvrC app. Thanks to listener Ryan Grimes for the great recommendation!

    • Joe outlines his network failover configuration: main router fails over to WAN2 if WAN1 is down for a few minutes. WattBox power cycles both WAN 1 and WAN 2 modems if WAN still down a couple more minutes. The Cable Modem and Cellular Modem reboot if search engines are unreachable. The Router reboots if search engines and the router are unreachable. (Time Capsule reboots weekly.)

    153: Dressing For Success ( or dress the part )

    Recorded in April 26, 2016

    We are sponsored this week by Mac-MSP Gruntwork by LOGICnow . Gruntwork is the ultimate managed service package for you and your clients. "Think of what you would do when trying to solve a user’s support request: run a disk verification utility. Run permission repair. Update the affected software to the latest version. With Gruntwork, those chores have already been accomplished. Your time spent troubleshooting issues is greatly reduced when the common maladies are already ruled out. Better yet, Gruntwork prevents many common problems, so the Mac just works and you can focus on higher level tasks for your client." 

    Find out more at - http://mac-msp.com/gruntwork and tell them CCP sent you.
    Mac-MSP is now part of MAX Remote Management by LOGICnow


    - The CCP crew chat about different modes of dress for client visits. Jerry leads the  discussion recounting a recent client visit and his "dress the part" philosophy.

    - Sam discusses His recent Casper Suite training and commuting to New York City
    Show Path in Finder Title
    This tweak controls whether the full path will be shown in the Finder title bar.

    To enable this setting, type (or copy and paste) the following command:
    defaults write com.apple.finder _FXShowPosixPathInTitle -boolean true
    To reset this setting to the default value, type (or copy and paste) the following command:
    defaults delete com.apple.finder _FXShowPosixPathInTitle

    CWNA® - Certified Wireless Network Administrator

    JAMF Training and professional development

    - Joe shares news about his future inter hires for the summer and his junior-junior techs.

    - Jerry enthusiastically shares a new book about the tech industry:
    Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble by Dan Lyons  
    HubSpot, a Boston start-up, was flush with $100 million in venture capital. They offered Dan a pile of stock options for the vague role of "marketing fellow." What could go wrong? 

    "Wildly entertaining ... Lyons has injected a dose of sanity into a world gone mad." ---Ashlee Vance, New York Times-bestselling author of Elon Musk

    142: Occam's Razor - Migration or Clean Install?


    Recorded on February 9, 2016

    We're sponsored this week by Watchman Monitoring, a favorite tool of ours that should be in every professional consultant's toolkit.

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    Skooba Cable Stable Mini (750-250)  http://amzn.to/1O8sa0X

    Wiha 91118 Green Canvas Pouch for Sets, 8 positions  - http://amzn.to/1Khj6MH

    Apple Wired Keyboard MB869LL/A - A1242 - http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_sacat=0&_nkw=Apple+Wired+Keyboard+MB869LL%2FA+-+A1242&_sop=15

    How do I disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) AKA “rootless” on OS X 10.11, El Capitan?

    How to properly backup and restore the System Keychain in OS Xhttp://www.sebastiencouture.com/post/88839839716/backup-restore-system-keychain-os-x

    Frequently asked questions about iCloud Keychain

    - Enjoy Command Control Power ?
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    141: Keep Your "clicks" Local and Organic!

    Recorded "Live" on February 2, 2016

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    - Joe and Jerry casually discuss the difficulties of converting a client from break fix to managed service.

    MonkeyBox - IT Asset ManagementHelping teams document and share client-related data – effortlessly and securely.
    Pricing - https://monkeybox.com/pricing/

    - Jerry discusses a clients Macbook Pro black screen and restart issue with no resolution:

    Joe shares a similiar but different recurring problem - https://community.spiceworks.com/how_to/82502-mac-mac-boots-to-a-black-screen-with-cursor
    rm /private/var/db/.AppleUpgrade

    - Sam talks about the frustration of supportung  clients running PC’s and providing support.

    - Joe mentions a MacBook Pro 15-inch going unresponsive: black screen, not reachable by ARD, no response to keystrokes, close lid get steady white LED instead of sleep indicator, no response to command-control-power, must force power down and then power on. Seems to have been fixed by turning off automatic graphics switching.

    -Jerry endorses the MacObserver's MacGeekGab Podcast and shares a listener feedback

    Record Your iOS Device Screen with QuickTime Playerhttp://www.techradar.com/us/how-to/computing/apple/easy-mac-hacks-record-your-ios-device-screen-with-quicktime-player-1305708

    - Joe buys a static IP from Verizon Wireless and configures it in the Cradlepoint IBR350L-VZ router with built-in modem. A firmware update from Cradlepoint removed the IP Passthrough option, but the IBR650 has the option. Thanks to 3Gstore.com for the info!

    - Jerry revisits his ongoing client SonicWall issue and finds a fix:

    SonicWall Reply:

    I am glad to hear that the issue looks to resolved. When we are connecting dumb switch between SonicWall and the upstream modem, it will help in the negotiation. The Ethernet Settings section allows you to manage the Ethernet settings of links connected to the SonicWALL. Auto Negotiate is selected by default as the Link Speed because the Ethernet links automatically negotiate the speed and duplex mode of the Ethernet connection Link Negotiation is basically forced by the ISP and when we select "Auto Negotiate" on X1 interface then the same speed is forced on the Sonicwall's X1 interface. Link Negotiation Could be basically "Full Duplex" and "Half Duplex" but whenever we setup a Sonicwall we recommend to the customer to select "Auto Negotiate" and not  "Full Duplex" or "Half Duplex" because auto-negotiation is simply the method used by two devices to achieve the best rate possible of transmission. It allows them to discuss in a sense, the possible rates of transmission, then pick the best one that they both share. They do this by swapping advertisements of their own abilities using pulses called Fast Link Pulses (FLPs). The FLP lets one link partner know what the other is capable of. As they swap FLPs, the two stations detect the highest common denominator between them, according to the following: 1000BASE-T 100BASE-T2 Full Duplex 100BASE-TX Full Duplex 100BASE-T2 100BASE-T4 100BASE-TX 10BASE-T Full Duplex 10BASE-T

    Switch works on full duplex. SonicWALL autonegotiates with Switch( Since switch is full duplex, so would be SonicWALL) . Now Switch tries to negotiate with the ISP connection( which may be set to autonegotiate (full or half duplex), so switch negotiates the connection with ISP side and sonicwall. From the IEEE standard: All 1000BASE-T PHYs shall provide support for Auto-Negotiation and shall be capable of operating as MASTER or SLAVE.Auto-Negotiation is performed as part of the initial set-up of the link, an allows the PHYs at each end to advertise their capabilities (speed, PHY type, half or full duplex) and to automatically select the operating mode for communication on the link. Auto-negotiation signaling is used for the following two primary purposes for 1000BASE-T: The SLAVE PHY uses loop timing where the clock is recovered from the received data stream. “The switch is configured to autodetect the speed and duplex settings on an interface. However, there are several things that can cause the autonegotiation process to fail, resulting in either speed or duplex mismatches (and performance issues). The rule of thumb for key infrastructure is to manually hard-code the speed and duplex on each interface so there is no chance for error. “

    - Joe recounts an ongoing issue with a current Time Capsule losing broadband access.

    - Joe discusses an issue with remote access to his Server and missing certificates which led to his discovery of Apple plugging a security hole.

    Apple removed Keychain First Aid in 10.11.2 to plug a security hole. Prior to that, Apple "disabled synthetic clicks for keychain access windows" to plug a security hole in to 10.11.1. Joe experiences some fallout: when you try to export a certificate from the keychain, upon entering the password for the login keychain and clicking "Allow" or "Always Allow", it doesn't work. The dialog box just stays on screen.  The only way to dismiss it is "Deny" which of course prevents the successful export of the certificate in question. Same problem when trying to use Certificate Assistant in Server.app to Create a Certificate Identity, e.g. to create a new Self-Signed Certificate. Certificate Assistant completes, and the new certificate and private key are added to the user's login keychain, but Server.app fails to export the certificate to /etc/certificates. Solution: disconnect your ARD session and use a local display, keyboard, and mouse!
    Thanks StackExchange/AskDifferent 
    and last week's Command Control Power!

    Geargrip Lite CPU Holder


    140: Tom Bridge of Technolutionary.com - Go iPad Pro or Go Home

    Recorded  on January 26, 2016

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    The CCP Team is joined by Tom Bridge, Partner at Technolutionary, IT services firm in Washington DC area - http://www.technolutionary.com

    Tom is very active as part of the MacDMV Advisory Groupin the DC, MD and VA area. MacDMV’s website http://www.macdmv.com - and Twitter: @mac_dmv

    Tom Bridge Newsletter -Techno Bits Little bits and bobs from the Mac Infosphere

    Tom's iPad Specs:
    - iPad Pro, 128GB, WiFi-Only
    - Apple Pencil
    - Apple Smart Keyboard
    - Logitech CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case with Smart Connector for iPad   Pro http://amzn.to/201fdNo

    Prompt app from Panic - SSH Client For IOS

    Screens for iOS - Powerful Screen Sharing and VNC client

    Federico Viticci - Mac Stories

    Fraser Speirs

    iPad Pro Review: A New Canvas
    BY FEDERICO VITICCI - https://www.macstories.net/stories/ipad-pro-review/

    Hosted by Federico Viticci and Fraser Speirs

    Jason Snell - Editing podcasts on iOS with Ferrite


    Another reference:
    Thaddeus Hunt's experience going iPad only on the Camino de Santiago

    The Mac Admin & Development conference
    9th & 10th Feb 2016 London, England http://www.macad.uk

    About the security content of OS X El Capitan 10.11.1, Security Update 2015-004 Yosemite, and Security Update 2015-007 Mavericks

    Available for: OS X El Capitan 10.11
    Impact: A malicious application can programmatically control keychain access prompts
    Description: A method existed for applications to create synthetic clicks on keychain prompts. This was addressed by disabling synthetic clicks for keychain access windows.

    Sam talks provides more fu on Synology replacement

    Sam shares a story of a client who has an OD Directory that went missing.

    Bender - Automated Backup of OS X Server Settings
    Thanks, RobotCloud!

    Joe talks about issues moving Folders in Apple Mail and having issues with missing data in Yosemite and El Capitan.

    He also shares a Carbon Copy Cloner bug that missed copying data in version 4.1.3. - An update fixed the problem.

    Sam shares an incident in a remote session where he was experiencing anomaliesthat appeared as if keyboard keys were invoked. 

    131: Holiday Hysteria - Bring Your Magic Wand & Unicorn

    Jerry and Joe spontaneously record a very special episode of Command Control Power, capturing a Freaky Friday in the life of an Apple Consultant dealing with challenging clients.

    Feeling extra generous?  Support the show on Patreon!

    Happy holidays everyone!

    127: "Hey, Here comes Junior Tech!"

    Recorded November  17, 2015

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     Junior Tech

    Junior Tech

    - Some followup from last week's show regarding Jerry's issue with his Dad's iMac failing to complete the El Capitan upgrade.Holding down the shift key and performing a "Safe Boot" resolved the issue for another client with an identical problem.

    - Jerry discusses a Lion Server not resolving websites and a fix by disabling IPv6 & the benefits of replacing ethernet cables!

    - Sam recounts his recent Apple Professional Services training: 
             - Meeting Dave Hale -  Solution Engineer at Apple Inc. davehale@apple.com
    - ACN relationships with Apple Retail and the Store level. Sam, Joe & Jerry share experiences and discuss ongoing relationships with Appel Retail.

    - Sam discusses how to extract digital assets out of Keynote with a handy trick. 

    - Another tip from Sam regarding updating apps that complain about the system version of the OS. Edit the System/Library/CoreServices/systemversion.plist file.

    - Joe discusses the Brother Printer PTP750W Wireless Label Maker  http://amzn.to/1X4Vn7R
    and making Zendesk tickets for work orders using AppleScript:

    "Joe's Automator workflow and AppleScript for printing a label from Zendesk. Assumes you have a Zendesk ticket open in Safari. Create this workflow in Automator and save as an Application. Keep it in the Dock for easy access. Open a ticket in Zendesk (or create a new one and save it) and then click the workflow to run it.

    We are printing labels using the Brother Printer PTP750W Wireless Label Maker, which requires the Pages document be formatted in portrait orientation with a text field rotated 90º. 

    First AppleScript:

    on run {input, parameters}

    tell application "Safari"
    set theURL to URL of current tab of window 1
    end tell

    set theTicket to text ((offset of "tickets/" in theURL) + 8) thru end of theURL

    set theURL to text 1 thru ((offset of "agent" in theURL) - 1) of theURL & "tickets/" & theTicket & "/print"

    --display dialog theURL

    do shell script "open -a Safari " & theURL

    delay 1

    tell application "System Events"

         key code 53 -- escape
    delay 1
    keystroke "a" using command down
    delay 1
    keystroke "c" using command down
    delay 1
    keystroke "w" using command down

    end tell

    return input
    end run

    Second AppleScript:

    on run {input, parameters}

    tell application "Finder" to open POSIX file "/Users/bench/Documents/Ticket Label.pages"

    delay 2

    tell application "System Events"

    keystroke "v" using {shift down, option down, command down}
    delay 1
    keystroke "p" using command down
    keystroke return
    end tell

    return input
    end run

    125: Live From MacTech With Tom Bridge & Marathon Man


    Recorded on November 3, 2015

    The CCP Team is joined by Tom Bridge, Partner at Technolutionary, IT services firm in Washington DC area - http://www.technolutionary.com

    - We open the show with a discussion about the Mac Tech Conference 2015 in Manhattan Beach - http://conference.mactech.com . Tom was a featured speaker at MacTech and he provided his slide deck for his topic "Saner WiFi" -  https://j.mp/sanerwifi

    Marathon Man

    - We also celebrate our own Sam Valencia's achievement of running and finishing this years 2015 New York City Marathonhttp://www.marathonfoto.com/Proofs?PIN=9W0T79&LastName=Valencia
    Sam, you rock!

    - When is it O.K. to tell clients to upgrade to Mac OS X or IOS ?
    Tom mentions 10.9 Security Advisory found here: https://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/38371/

    - Tom Recounts An Unusual Open Directory issue that he had with a customer

    - In depth Discussion on Slack
    Tom talks MacAdmins on Slack. If you haven’t checked out SLACK you can get info here and get the free app - https://slack.com
    From there, you can be a part of the MacAdmins community by getting your invite -

    A.I. - Artificial Intelligence http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0212720/

    Slack for Mac Admins: A primer: Why should you be on Slack? - http://macs.ws/1VlKTfS

    - Tom chats about his company’s  monitoring system and incorporating different technologies, like Zendesk, Watchman, Pingdom and Slack

    - Tom Discusses his company’s philosophy to reaching out to his clients with mass emails. What usually dictates a mass email and why.

    - Fantastic Tiny Newsletter that Tom publishes. You can sign up to receive via email here: https://tinyletter.com/technobits

    You can also find Tom Bridge on Twitter at @tbridge

    123: Dave Provine of Premier Mac - “What’s Your End Game?"

    Recorded on October 20, 2015


    - CCP is joined by Dave Provine of Premier Mac from Baltimore, Maryland - https://www.premiermac.com . Dave has been an Apple Consultant for 20 years and discusses his practice. Topics include hiring a Personal Assistant and transitioning to a full time IT employment opportunity.

    - Integrated Services Digital Network - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integrated_Services_Digital_Network

    -Font/DA Mover

    - Power Macintosh G3https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_Macintosh_G3_beige

    - 107: Scaling the One Man Band, Part 1 with Mike Kingsley - http://commandcontrolpower.com/podcast/2015/7/1/107-scaling-the-one-man-band-part-1-with-mike-kingsley?rq=mike%20kingsley

    - Tee Spring Offering For Command Control Power - "The Guys Get Shirts!" just ask Paul Anka

    Have you tried restarting?
    Any technology consultant's first and most frequently-asked question, this is step zero before the real troubleshooting can begin.

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    Teespring Premium Tee - $23.00


    - American Advertising Federation - http://www.aaf.org/about-aaf

    -  Electric Objects https://www.electricobjects.com

    097: Firing Clients, featuring Pam Lefkowitz

    Recorded live on April 7, 2015

    Thanks to special guest, Pam Lefkowitz of Core Computing, for joining us for this special live episode in which we discuss the difficult subject of firing clients. Follow Pam @alwaysdns on Twitter!

    - Pam recommends the "Hold Harmless" contract when clients refuse to take our advice

    - Sam shares his own recent experience parting ways with a client

    - new follower Jason Joyn shares a quote from Carnegie Institute of Technology: "85% of your financial success is due to your personality and ability to communicate, negotiate, and lead. Shockingly, only 15% is due to technical knowledge."

    094: Remind me on a website

    Recorded on March 17, 2015

    This week's show has been brought to you by the fine folks at Backblaze: Online Backup Made Easy. Visit Backblaze.com/ccp to sign up for their Partner Program and ask for your free license of Backblaze. Try Backblaze and see just how great it is!


    - Joe thinks Reminders should have the ability to remind me "on a website" (in addition to "on a day" and "at a location"). How great would it be to be reminded when you end up on Amazon or MonoPrice that you need some cable or whatever?

    - Apple engineer explains how the new MacBook came to be

    - Jerry's funny wifi story

    - Sam's Apple Store saga: cracked screen, poorly seated memory, failed migration; seltzer (goes well with sushi – see also: non-alcoholic beer)

    - Joe's client attempted a self-directed email server migration at noon on a Wednesday; see also: Episode 077: Trust No One, Yoseminite Sam in regards to a serious permissions issue caused by a prior consultant

    - Sam's client turned off Time Machine, but Backblaze saved the day

    - Jerry reminds us of Bender, which saved the day for his client

    - Joe's CCC praise: migrating to new SSD in new machine, Carbon Copy Cloner identifies drives across reboots, and across different startup disks

    - Sam encounters (and solves – remotely) "unapproved caller: SecurityAgent may only be invoked by Apple software"

    - Joe teases an upcoming segment about upgrading a client's van

    078: Spelunking for Yasmite

    Recorded live on November 25, 2014

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    - helping clients with their "Flash Drive Plug-in"

    - Joe noticed Contacts app is better about pasting in an address, automatically parsing city, state, and zip

    - trouble with DiskMakerX? createinstallmedia works great for Mavericks, Yosemite, etc.

    - difficulty cloning copies of Yosemite installer using latest version of CCC? Disk Utility block copy works

    - CCC works perfectly to copy all the data from a failing drive with directory corruption; Disk Utility thought there were only 30GB of data on the drive, but there were actually 235GB; CCC got it all; after rebuilding the directory and repeating the clone using CCC, no additional data needed to be copied; great support from Mike Bombich

    - Sam recounts flash storage becoming inaccessible on new MacBook Pro

    - Sam explains the pitfalls of restoring the Microsoft User Data folder from Time Machine backup

    - Jerry discusses a recent client interaction from which we can all learn something

    - how to restore Calendar from Time Machine backup

    - we discuss strategies for billing for those unexpectedly-long resolutions; Sam recommends communicating at regular intervals

    077: Trust No One, Yoseminite Sam

    Recorded on November 19, 2014


    - Jerry bails out Joe onsite, and diagnoses an issue where a specific website wouldn't load or respond to pings from a client location, but loaded fine from elsewhere; turned out to be a block on the client's static IP due to three failed login attempts

    - we discuss clients trying to set things up and fix things themselves

     Yoseminite Sam: a no-nonsense guy

    Yoseminite Sam: a no-nonsense guy

    - do you give clients easy access to their servers, e.g. Screen Sharing?

    - Sam lands a client on bowtie alone: "I'm a no-nonsense guy, and you look like a no-nonsense guy too."

    - what's your dress code for consulting?

    - Joe details troubleshooting serious permissions issues in Yosemite after a prior "consultant" tried to set up shared calendars

    - how do you bill for extensive cleanup work like the saga Joe describes?

    - Joe notices a pattern to Security Questions answered by a prior consultant

    075: Hey Siri

    Pre-recorded on November 4, 2014

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    Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Gigabit Router saves the day... wait – what?!

    - how to use Hey Siri feature without being connected to power

    - how to use Speak Screen feature: Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech and then toggle on Speak Screen. Speak Screen is only available for devices running iOS 8 or higher.

    - Jerry's Windows Migration Assistant woes

    - Apple Store Stories: they don't check migrated data – anecdotal, or corporate policy?

    - we wonder why the mainstream press hasn't paid more attention to the decreasing repairability of the Mac mini

    - we address a pressing question from listener Gannon Nordberg: @CmdCtrlpwr I’d love to hear what you guys think about eating meals when onsite with a client. Also, business customer vs. residential

    - client foibles: upper caps and lower caps; small caps; x-ing out; UBS port; closing everything when we connect remotely

    061: Phony Tech Support

    Recorded live on July 29, 2014

    - one of Joe's clients fell for a popup window claiming virus infection and imploring her to call phony tech support, who proceeded to run harmless utilities (ping test, CPU History, netstat, top) and claiming they were evidence of malware; paid $300 for two years of support from "Mac"; Joe removed LogMeIn, TeamViewer, and ran a full scan using Sophos Antivirus and removed 8 instances of malware

    - Sam's wife received a call from phony tech support; thankfully she proceeded to interrogate the guy about his badge number, company, and credentials until he hung up

    - Social Engineering techniques on the rise, demonstrated in this scene from Hackers

    - Network World reports: FTC takes out “tech support” scammers; $5.1 million in fines, retribution

    - Jerry reminds us to manually remove updates downloaded by Software Update service when no longer needed!

    - Joe recovered data from client ZIP disk, wrote AppleScript to convert old Word documents

    - xkcd: Automation

    - Joe discovered issue with Time Machine failing to complete a backup, with no error messages displayed, due to nesting of folders too deeply: "destination path too long"; not sure how long is too long, but in this case is was over 50 levels deep

    045: Tech-Savvy Clients and Migration Assistant Woes

    Recorded Live April 8, 2014

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    ARQ recommended by Jerry for backing up to Amazon S3 or Amazon Glacier

    ZyWALL USG50 recommended by Joe for site-to-site VPN tunnels, very stable router

    - “cool” clients

    - dealing with semi-technical “inside guys” at clients: “don’t open the box”; work from a checklist; “don’t touch the server” and “don’t touch the network”

    Ubiquiti PicoStation recommended by Jerry for extending wireless networks outdoors or to another building

    - Migration Assistant woes: Plan A, Migration Assistant, hung with less than a minute remaining; Plan B, Carbon Copy Cloner, detected I/O errors; Plan C, restore from Time Machine backup, worked like a charm

    - Jerry called it: Migration Assistant was failing due to bad blocks on the source machine

    - recommendation before starting Migration Assistant: fully update source machine, verify disk partition map and file system, rebuild disk directory, and check for bad blocks