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178: Hi·er·ar·chi·cal

Recorded October 18, 2016

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- Joe mentions HFS stands for hierarchical file system, pronunciation guide on hierarchical (compare to incorrect "hierarchial" [sp] and vs. hierarchal meaning)

MacSysAdmin 2016
"How can you avoid the catastrophes caused by disk drive failure"
Tim Standing, SoftRAID

- Joe's iCloud Photo Library not updating in Photos app, not loading at iCloud.com: "Cannot Load Library: Photos was unable to load your photos and videos." Photos app open with Option-Command to repair library, required administrator authentication

- FatCat Software, Power Photos https://www.fatcatsoftware.com/powerphotos/

- Future - Apple Backing Up Entire Mac Hard Drive

- Unlimited Secure Storage from Amazon

- Apple Optimizing Your Storage In Sierra

- Joe receives a Watchman Monitoring notice about one of his own Macs: PsiMac Joe mini of PsiMac has reported a change: The computer has begun downloading an OS Upgrade: "10.12 - Sierra". Judy observes "I guess still better than Windows starting Windows 10 update when you click the X on the prompt to do so.."

- Watchman detected Joe's MacBook Pro upgraded to Sierra had not backed up in 10 (7?) days, needed to update TimeMachineEditor

177: Peeling An Orange WIth A Plastic Knife

Recorded  on October 11, 2016


- QuickBooks 2015 is macOS 10.12 Sierra compatibile

- Joe discusses the benefits of LogMeIn Hamachi for remote access to QuickBooks, Lightspeed Onsite, and Printer Sharing – which helped work around an issue using Canon printers over an L2TP-over-IPSec VPN connection detailed in two Apple discussion forum posts

Sam discusses configuring VPN on a Synology and the need to send all traffic over VPN in OS X. 


Unleash Your Router - https://www.dd-wrt.com/site/

PPTP Client For Sierra - https://www.shimovpn.com

- iOS 10 adds the ability to auto configure macOS Server account

- Tom Bridge Newsletter Technobits  https://tinyletter.com/technobits

- pop quiz: can you name the Mac display sizes, including decimals? which is the only Mac model with a whole number display size?

- using a Verizon iPhone on AT&T

- Verizon Phones are unlocked bacause of the agreement when AT&T acutioned off the 700MHz "C Block” frequency spectrum


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176: "Cat Videos Are Never Wasted, My Friend" with Tom Bridge Of Technolutionary, LLC

Recorded  on October 3, 2016


The CCP Team is joined by Tom Bridge, Partner at Technolutionary, IT services firm in Washington DC area - http://www.technolutionary.com

Tom is very active as part of the MacDMV Advisory Groupin the DC, MD and VA area. MacDMV’s website - http://www.macdmv.com - and Twitter: @mac_dmv

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EZ-RJ 45 - http://www.platinumtools.com/products/connectors/ez-rj45-cat6-connectors-100010c/ 

Brian Krebs: http://krebsonsecurity.com

Certified Wireless Network Administrator - https://www.cwnp.com/certifications/cwna

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Charlie Bit My Finger - https://youtu.be/_OBlgSz8sSM


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Jonathan Spiva @ 74bit
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Craig Kabis @ Macpro Consulting
Jonathan Nieves @ Exceed Technology Group
Matt Washchuk @ Nine Bark Consulting
Dennis Nolan @ Cirrus Partners
Weldon Dodd @ Rewind Technology

175: Sifting Through Sierra

Recorded September 27,, 2016

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Gruntwork is the ultimate managed service package for you and your clients. "Think of what you would do when trying to solve a user’s support request: run a disk verification utility. Run permission repair. Update the affected software to the latest version. With Gruntwork, those chores have already been accomplished. Your time spent troubleshooting issues is greatly reduced when the common maladies are already ruled out. Better yet, Gruntwork prevents many common problems, so the Mac just works and you can focus on higher level tasks for your client." 

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Alfred - Productivity App for Mac OS X

• from Ars Technica Sierra review: "Apple told us it would continue to offer an upgrade path to older Macs that stop at El Capitan but haven't yet been upgraded for whatever reason. While the installer will disappear from the public Mac App Store, anyone without the El Capitan installer already in their purchase history will be able to add it via an Apple support page."

• GateKeeper removes the option to allow apps from "Anywhere" in System Preferences, but the option is still available on the Command Line (sudo spctl --master-disable), or individual apps can still be opened using right-click and then choosing "Open" as before; does the removal of the "Anywhere" option portend a gradual deprecation of the ability to open unsigned apps at all?
• to turn off the new Universal Clipboard feature in macOS Sierra, disable Handoff in System Preferences > General; no way to turn off Universal Clipboard but keep Handoff
Remote access for business users or teams

Alfred - Productivity App for Mac OS X

How to Disable Gatekeeper and Allow Apps From Anywhere in macOS Sierra

• Apple Watch unlock is in Security & Privacy; requires 2-factor authentication on Apple ID; requires Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11ac Wi-Fi


Team V is the official endurance fundraising program for The V Foundation for Cancer Research. 

174: A Time Machine "Perfect Storm"

Recorded September 19, 2016


-  Sam shares a story about assisting at client resteraunt owner, crimping cables and getting a free dinner out of it!

- Joe tells the tale of a Time Machine “perfect storm” with disasterous results.

- how to use MacBook "One" on Apple LED Cinema Display: referencing this article, you need StarTech HDMI to DisplayPort Converter and Cables To Go DisplayPort Male To Mini DisplayPort Female Adapter. If you need power at the same time, you would use the Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter. If you want wired networking too (now you're getting crazy), you need the Apple USB Ethernet Adapter. In the words of Joe's client: "it ain't pretty, but it works!"

- General grousing

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