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214: Hiding In The Server Room or Where The Buffalo Roam


Jerry shares a story about working on an older MacBook Air that takes an interesting turn

Old tricks for retrieving data from dead hard drives are discussed. Do you risk it or go right to Drive Savers?

Sam makes an attempt to restore a file for a client and takes some time to hide out in the server room when he can't find it

Jerry goes through a scare with a Buffalo NAS when at a client site and comes up with a creative solution:
Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo 2-Bay 2 TB (2 x 1 TB) Network Attached Storage LS-W2.0TGL/R1 https://www.amazon.com/Technology-LinkStation-Attached-LS-W2-0TGL-R1/dp/B001696ZXA

Paragon - ExtFS for Mac 11 - https://www.paragon-software.com/ufsdhome/extfs-mac/

ReclaiMe File Recovery Ultimate
to recover Windows and Linux PCs, Macs, and NASes - - http://www.reclaime.com

Working with multiple versions of software presents its challenges

Liquid spills and freezer tricks lead to a recent Apple development:

AppleCare+ for Mac now available:
MacBook Pro 13-inch: $269.00 (vs. $249 before?)
MacBook Pro 15-inch: $379.00
iMac: $169.00 (same as before!)
Get up to 3 years of accidental damage coverage and 24/7 expert telephone technical support from Apple, the people who know your Mac best.

The guys all have Late 2016 MacBook Pros and kick around the idea of upgrading to the latest model with Apple's hardware announcements

Use Etrecheck to search for legacy items that might be affecting your computer's performance:

072: One-Factor Authentication

Recorded live on October 14, 2014

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- thanks again to Thomas Reed of AdwareMedic for last week's interview!

- listener questions; @myklreinhart: "I'd love to hear your annoyances about 6+ before I go buy one. For example, one handed typing— is it as tough as made out?"

- Jerry reports on his everyday use of iPhone 6 Plus; points out one-handed keyboard for iOS 8

- the future of input methods: qwerty keyboards vs. whispering into cupped hands; or T9 predictive texting vs. QuickType; or how about purely predictive (Google Now)?

- death of Macworld/iWorld Conference & Expo; Jerry's beige PowerComputing box; recent end of Macworld print magazine

- Dropbox "breach" prompts another security discussion; reminder: Dropbox offers two factor authentication

BoxCryptor: folder-level or file-level encryption for your Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or OneDrive

- cursory "private cloud" discussion of options including Synology CloudStationCode42 SharePlanKerio SamePage, vs. Apple Snow Leopard Mavericks Server

- new Mac mini coming soon? it's been 721 days...

- Jerry gives us FLAC


067: Watch Me Do

Recorded live on September 9, 2014

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- Which Watch?

- iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus? compare sizes to iPhone 5

- back pocket vs. front pocket?

- Sam's story of a client unplugging the backup hard drive from the server because they thought it was slowing the system down – should have had Watchman Monitoring installed, which can let you know if a drive is unmounted

- Joe moves his Drobo disk pack from old Drobo Gen 2 into new Drobo Gen 3 and realizes huge speed increase: 123.7 MB/s write & 171.9 MB/s read vs. 27 MB/s write & 24.6 MB/s read; Sam is already using his new Drobo Gen 3 as primary storage on his home server

- Software Update prompts to upgrade the Mac OS on a Server, which kills the Server: we consider this a bug!

- something goes wrong, end user flails, copies and pastes from forums, then finally calls you, the professional

Bender from Forget Computers automatically backs up server settings


060: Server, Services, and Such

Recorded on July 8, 2014, aired on July 22, 2014

Sponsored by Smile. Check out Smilesoftware.com for a great screencast from David Sparks about PDFPen for Mac, and to learn why you should use and recommend Smile's awesome software to your clients.

Still boots!


- MacBook Air torqued

- creative client interpretations of rates and service offerings

- Managed Services discussion; revisiting Easing into Managed Services

- Jerry recommends AJA System Test with the following settings: "MBytes/sec", File I/O API: Unix, "Round frame sizes to 4 KB", "Enable network volumes", Test: Disk Read/Write, Video Frame Size: 1920x1080 10-bit RGB, File Size: 1GB, "Disable file system cache"

- Jerry's legal firm successfully replaced Mac mini Server with Synology

- "working off the server" vs. copying files locally for editing and then copying back to server

- scheduled server restart to work around SMB service interruption? Sam suggests scheduling a launchd job to stop and then start SMB using serveradmin command

- Jerry recommends TP-LINK TL-WR710N 150Mbps Wireless N Mini Pocket Router with USB port for storage for streaming movies to iPad when traveling

056: A Bitcoin mine hiding in your server rack?

Recorded live on June 24, 2014

Sponsored by Smile, makers of PDFpen for iPad – a great way to grab a client's signature and finish a meeting with a signed contract, right on your iPad. Plus, it now has Transporter integration (along with Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, and Box), so you can pick up the signed contract on your cloud of choice when you get back to your office. Listen to the show for a special offer for ACN members!

Show Notes

Thadd Weil, Public Relations Manager for Synology joins us for a live interview to discuss vulnerabilities in older versions of Synology's DiskStation Manager software, which were patched last year by Synology but made the news recently

Check out the ACN Alumni list at Google Groups, for current and former members of the Apple Consultants Network

Sam and Joe made a guest appearance on Thank You For Calling along with Peter Cohen and Stephen Hackett, hosted by Moisés Chiullan


Joe posted his Automator workflow to Export VPN Configurations

055: First Macs

Recorded live June 17, 2014

This week's show is sponsored by Drobo. The Drobo Gen 3 (4-bay) is now shipping! Use coupon code CCP50 for $50 off at DroboStore.com and support the show!


- Jerry describes an issue where an admin user shows up as being Managed with Parental Controls after an upgrade to Mavericks, despite still appearing as an admin; also a keychain issue with the Local Items keychain

- Joe rambles through trying to remember the details of an issue with iCloud Keychain and SoftwareUpdateLauncher hanging; see this Apple Discussions post

- Sam leverages VoiceOver to navigate a blank screen which turned out to the be login window; we narrowly avoid another server discussion

- WWDC 2014 videos are available online without a developer account; Jerry recommends #702, Managing Apple Devices

- Joe's Export VPN Configurations Automator workflow to help migrate VPN configurations to a new Mac

- Sam, Jerry, and Joe discuss their first Macs which prompts some lively war stories from the chatroom

- Jerry recommends NetNewsWire for RSS feeds and TweetBot for keeping up with Twitter; Sam uses NewsBar; Joe reloads tabs for some reason

046: Secret Out-of-Band Show

Recorded on April 9, 2014

This week we are pleased to be sponsored by Drobo.  Check out DroboStore.com and use coupon code CCP50 for $50 off the Drobo 5D or Drobo 5N.


Heartbleed; more resources: Heartbleed Hit ListBruce SchneierArs TechnicaCloudFlareNetCraft

Windows XP End of LifeLaplink PCmover ($60) can help migrate from Windows XP; to keep XP machines running or not?

- referring clients to the Apple Store and asking them to drop your name; providing written recommendations for clients to take into the store; introducing a client to a representative in the store

iNet, great network scanning utility recommended by Joe

045: Tech-Savvy Clients and Migration Assistant Woes

Recorded Live April 8, 2014

Thanks to our sponsor, Drobo. Check out the new Drobo Gen 3 with USB 3.0 – move your disk packs from a Gen 2 (four bay FireWire 800) model into the new Gen 3 for an easy upgrade path and 300-500% improvement in speed!  Visit drobostore.com and use coupon code CCP50 for $50 off your Drobo 5D or Drobo 5N.


ARQ recommended by Jerry for backing up to Amazon S3 or Amazon Glacier

ZyWALL USG50 recommended by Joe for site-to-site VPN tunnels, very stable router

- “cool” clients

- dealing with semi-technical “inside guys” at clients: “don’t open the box”; work from a checklist; “don’t touch the server” and “don’t touch the network”

Ubiquiti PicoStation recommended by Jerry for extending wireless networks outdoors or to another building

- Migration Assistant woes: Plan A, Migration Assistant, hung with less than a minute remaining; Plan B, Carbon Copy Cloner, detected I/O errors; Plan C, restore from Time Machine backup, worked like a charm

- Jerry called it: Migration Assistant was failing due to bad blocks on the source machine

- recommendation before starting Migration Assistant: fully update source machine, verify disk partition map and file system, rebuild disk directory, and check for bad blocks

043: Synology DS1513+ vs. Mac mini Server: Return of the Jerry

Recorded live March 25, 2014

We are pleased to be joined this week by Ryan Grimes of HoosierMac Consulting.  Ryan has been a longtime user of Synology products and has been writing a series of blog posts comparing Synology network attached storage devices to the Mac mini Server.

Thanks to our exclusive sponsor this week, Smile Software.  Smile makes great products for Mac and iOS, including our favorite time-saver, TextExpander.


- Ryan’s comparison of Mac mini w/Thunderbolt RAID storage vs. Synology 1513+: Part 1 & Part 2

How to set up CrashPlan Cloud Backup headless on a Synology NAS



- complications from Apple changing default connection method for Mac servers to SMB when using Bonjour

- MineCraft server

- DHCP, DNS, VPN services

Surveillance Station

- how to find the "Performa 600" among Synology’s huge product lineup

- live demo of DSM 5.0

- cleaning up after non-certified fly-by-nights (“Anger Work”)

- Brett Terpstra's blog post on automating dynamic date math in TextExpander

022: Interview with Thadd Weil, Public Relations Specialist for Synology

Recorded on October 15, 2013


Continuing our storage vendor interview series, Jerry and Sam are pleased to be joined by Thadd Weil, Public Relations Specialist for Synology America Corp. (Joe was out of town for this interview.)


- Synology DiskStation entry-level "j" series with ARM processors for home

DiskStation "+" series with Atom processors for SMB

- RackStation for business

- "xs" series with Xeon processor for enterprise; xs+ with High Availability

- Synology's naming convention

- Synology DiskStation Manager software and the Live Demo

- Link Aggregation using a DiskStation DS1812+ connected to a Retina MacBook Pro with two Gigabit Ethernet adapters


- Other Synology resources include Getting StartedNAS Selector, and RAID Calculator

- Synology is on Twitter (@Synology) and FaceBook

021: Interview with Jim Sherhart, VP of Product Marketing for Drobo

Recorded Live October 8, 2013


- Jim's journey: after three years at Drobo, he left with founding CEO of Drobo, Geoff Barrall, to run marketing at Connected Data, creators of Transporter. Then a year later, Connected Data was acquired by Drobo which brought Jim back to the company.

- Transporter's improvements over the PogoPlug

- cloud storage vs. private/personal cloud services; the benefit of controlling the device

- Drobo Accelerator Bay enabling large, fast, cheap SSD cache for Drobo 5DDrobo 5N, or Drobo Mini, e.g. 64 GB mSATA drive

019: Interview with Elaine Kwok, Product Marketing Manager for Promise Technology

Intro Recorded Live on October 1, 2013; Interview Recorded on September 24, 2013

Jerry, Sam, and Joe are pleased to be joined this week by Elaine Kwok, Product Marketing Manager for Promise Technology.

As with the original release of Thunderbolt in 2011, Promise will be first to market with Thunderbolt 2 peripherals to be released alongside the forthcoming Mac Pro redesign later this fall.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Elaine for taking the time to discuss the Promise product line with us, especially during this busy time as the company gears up for Thunderbolt 2.  Stay tuned for exciting updates from Promise!

But first, listen to Joe recount his recent data recovery success through his MacGyvering of a hard drive with a broken mini USB connector on the bridge board of a WD MyBook for Mac. The tools at his disposal were as follows: a USB connector salvaged from a non-working donor enclosure; a pair of needle nose pliers; a rubber band; a plastic dust cover from a mini-DVI to DVI adapter; a spare 3.5" hard drive; and a spool of kapton tape. Go!


VTrak E-ClassVTrak A-Class SAN solutions

SANLink Thunderbolt to Fibre Channel adapter

Pegasus R6 RAID Storage

Pegasus J2 portable Thunderbolt SSD & Pegasus J4 2.5" Thunderbolt enclosure


Update – here's just the Elaine Kwok Interview.