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070: Shellshock – Apple Bashing

Recorded live on September 30, 2014

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Special thanks to Jon Schwenn of MacMiniVault.com for joining us this week to discuss Shellshock, and Apple's response to this Bash bug


- see Jon's post about Shellshock for a recap of the bug, a patch for 10.6 Snow Leopard, and other helpful recommendations

- see also: Apple's purge of GPL-licensed software from OS X

- Pro-Tip: Jon suggests signing up for Apple's Security-Announce mailing list

- we discuss Advanced Camp has been postponed due to speaker cancellations

- Plus: Allen Hancock joins us to talk about Advanced Camp being postponed, and his free 2015 ACN Camp Pre-union webinar – featuring business development topics and how to succeed at Managed Services

- Kramer & DaVinci Sleep

- Jerry mentions the benefits of the Ditto command