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094: Remind me on a website

Recorded on March 17, 2015

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- Joe thinks Reminders should have the ability to remind me "on a website" (in addition to "on a day" and "at a location"). How great would it be to be reminded when you end up on Amazon or MonoPrice that you need some cable or whatever?

- Apple engineer explains how the new MacBook came to be

- Jerry's funny wifi story

- Sam's Apple Store saga: cracked screen, poorly seated memory, failed migration; seltzer (goes well with sushi – see also: non-alcoholic beer)

- Joe's client attempted a self-directed email server migration at noon on a Wednesday; see also: Episode 077: Trust No One, Yoseminite Sam in regards to a serious permissions issue caused by a prior consultant

- Sam's client turned off Time Machine, but Backblaze saved the day

- Jerry reminds us of Bender, which saved the day for his client

- Joe's CCC praise: migrating to new SSD in new machine, Carbon Copy Cloner identifies drives across reboots, and across different startup disks

- Sam encounters (and solves – remotely) "unapproved caller: SecurityAgent may only be invoked by Apple software"

- Joe teases an upcoming segment about upgrading a client's van

087: Joe's Birthday Bash

Recorded live on February 3, 2015

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- Joe complains about the Windows 7 installation process, follow up to Jerry's point about Windows last week: 1) select appropriate version of Windows; 2) buy Windows 7 from Amazon; 3) wait for physical delivery; 4) insert Windows disc and run installer 5) enter product key when prompted; 6) update Windows updater & restart 7) install 174 updates.

- Wren Sound having a sale on current lineup; planning Bluetooth/AirPlay combo units coming soon - BONUS: CCP Listeners Who Enter The Code giffin50 at the Wren Sound Store get an additional $50 off! Bringing the total to $199 from the Wren Sound Store http://wrensound.com
This speaker has been rated by The Wirecutter as one of the best AirPlay speakers you can buy - http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-airplay-speaker/

- Tim Nyberg asks about client purchases: Apple Store affiliate program vs. Apple Store vs. Apple Authorized Reseller

- Alexis Cornellier asks about what tools we use for diagnostics; Joe recommends SoftRAID for its SMART status analysis

- Sam advises that Word 2011 may have sporadic issues saving to a sever with the word "file" in the share name

- iOS 8 GMT bug, which manifests as a "PST" bug for Joe

- Sam deals with an "email tough-guy"

- Jerry debates "you lie" vs. "new parakeet" - 
Monty Python "Dead Parrot" Sketch

080: "Smart" apostrophe

Recorded live on December 9, 2014

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- Joe found that "smart" apostrophe (actually a right single curved quotation mark) in the Computer Name caused a client's Time Machine backup to fail; replacing it with an actual apostrophe (straight single quote) fixed it

- Jerry expresses frustrations when trying to walk a client through initiating a "spontaneous" screen sharing session and walks us through some alternatives to TeamViewer and finds the free trial of join.me to be easiest

- Jerry's client is tickled to teach him something

- Jerry's analogy about where the space on his MacBook Air is going: it's like "the help" stealing silverware piece by piece for a year until Thanksgiving comes and you only have place settings for two and a half

- Time Machine's Local Snapshots (Mobile Backups) can take up space and fail to be removed:
sudo tmutil disablelocal
sudo mv /.MobileBackups.trash /Trashme

- OmniDiskSweeper, DaisyDisk, WhatSize will not see the .MobileBackups folder unless run as root

- Joe's client deliberates for so long about upgrading iCloud storage (to enable iCloud Backup) that it could have paid for two years of iCloud storage

078: Spelunking for Yasmite

Recorded live on November 25, 2014

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- helping clients with their "Flash Drive Plug-in"

- Joe noticed Contacts app is better about pasting in an address, automatically parsing city, state, and zip

- trouble with DiskMakerX? createinstallmedia works great for Mavericks, Yosemite, etc.

- difficulty cloning copies of Yosemite installer using latest version of CCC? Disk Utility block copy works

- CCC works perfectly to copy all the data from a failing drive with directory corruption; Disk Utility thought there were only 30GB of data on the drive, but there were actually 235GB; CCC got it all; after rebuilding the directory and repeating the clone using CCC, no additional data needed to be copied; great support from Mike Bombich

- Sam recounts flash storage becoming inaccessible on new MacBook Pro

- Sam explains the pitfalls of restoring the Microsoft User Data folder from Time Machine backup

- Jerry discusses a recent client interaction from which we can all learn something

- how to restore Calendar from Time Machine backup

- we discuss strategies for billing for those unexpectedly-long resolutions; Sam recommends communicating at regular intervals

077: Trust No One, Yoseminite Sam

Recorded on November 19, 2014


- Jerry bails out Joe onsite, and diagnoses an issue where a specific website wouldn't load or respond to pings from a client location, but loaded fine from elsewhere; turned out to be a block on the client's static IP due to three failed login attempts

- we discuss clients trying to set things up and fix things themselves

Yoseminite Sam: a no-nonsense guy

Yoseminite Sam: a no-nonsense guy

- do you give clients easy access to their servers, e.g. Screen Sharing?

- Sam lands a client on bowtie alone: "I'm a no-nonsense guy, and you look like a no-nonsense guy too."

- what's your dress code for consulting?

- Joe details troubleshooting serious permissions issues in Yosemite after a prior "consultant" tried to set up shared calendars

- how do you bill for extensive cleanup work like the saga Joe describes?

- Joe notices a pattern to Security Questions answered by a prior consultant

069: Interview with Ben Greiner, Forget Computers

Recorded live on September 23, 2014

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- first, we discuss our frustrations trying to navigate phone plan options

- we feature an interview with Ben Greiner of Forget Computers, discussing the new version of RobotCloud and SupportMenu

- check out the Device Scout Demo or get the Beta of Starter Kit

- Ben wrote an article explaining Best Practices for Creating Apple IDs in an organization

- Sam reports back on his recent APS gig, and reminds us that Apple Configurator is now DEP aware

- how iOS 8 is changing the game: http://www.macstories.net/stories/ios-8-changed-how-i-work-on-my-iphone-and-ipad/

- Joe offers a fix for problems with AppleUSBEthernetHost.kext and AirTrafficHost.framework; Apple called Joe to ask what fixed it

062: Mac Repairs - The Agony and The Ecstasy

Recorded on July 31, 2014; aired on August 5, 2014

Followup from Dave Provine: How to Restart SMB automatically on Mavericks Server

Liquid Spills - Mircro Replay - 

Tools We Use - Tools that we can’t live Without
8" Straight & Curved Hemostat http://amzn.to/1qXedhv
Magnetic Projet Mat https://www.ifixit.com/Store/Tools/Magnetic-Project-Mat/IF145-167
iFixit 54 Bit Driver Kit https://www.ifixit.com/Store/Tools/54-Bit-Driver-Kit/IF145-022
Wiha - Wiha 26099 - Screwdriver Set, Slotted, 8Pc 1-4mm Bonus Pack http://amzn.to/1qXcOax
iMac Screen Removal - FastCap HOD-DOUBLE Handle On Demand - http://amzn.to/V2fdSp


Data Recovery - Driver Savers Partner Program

What repairs you regularly do. 
What repairs you won’t do and why.
Apple Store repair experiences
Depot Experiences
Out of warranty satisfaction repairs
Weirdest Repairs

058: Talking Shop part 10

Recorded live July 8, 2014

- Jerry's main 13-inch MacBook Air gets depot'd; what to do when your primary machine goes in for repair?

- OWC offers upgrades for flash storage modules in MacBook Air 2010-2011 and 2012 models

- how to restore client data when a machine comes back from Apple with a wiped drive? clone? update & migrate?

This is the sapphire crystal display from the iPhone 6?

- black screen at startup after migrating data to new MacBook Air; solution: delete loginwindow.plist

- Jerry's black screen Mac mini: reinstalling Mavericks fixed it

- processor throttling due to thermal protection on MacBook Pro #1: fallout from prior liquid damage, covered under 1-year warranty by MicroReplay

- processor throttling due to thermal protection on MacBook Pro #2 after machine froze during sleep: fixed with SMC reset

- Apple's Refurbished Outlet eBay Store

- using SSD Fan Control to work around lack of temperature data on third party hard drives replaced in some iMac models

055: First Macs

Recorded live June 17, 2014

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- Jerry describes an issue where an admin user shows up as being Managed with Parental Controls after an upgrade to Mavericks, despite still appearing as an admin; also a keychain issue with the Local Items keychain

- Joe rambles through trying to remember the details of an issue with iCloud Keychain and SoftwareUpdateLauncher hanging; see this Apple Discussions post

- Sam leverages VoiceOver to navigate a blank screen which turned out to the be login window; we narrowly avoid another server discussion

- WWDC 2014 videos are available online without a developer account; Jerry recommends #702, Managing Apple Devices

- Joe's Export VPN Configurations Automator workflow to help migrate VPN configurations to a new Mac

- Sam, Jerry, and Joe discuss their first Macs which prompts some lively war stories from the chatroom

- Jerry recommends NetNewsWire for RSS feeds and TweetBot for keeping up with Twitter; Sam uses NewsBar; Joe reloads tabs for some reason

048: Stream of Conciousness

Recorded live on April 29, 2014

  • Thanks to our sponsor, Drobo. Check out the new Drobo Gen 3 with USB 3.0 – move your disk packs from a Gen 2 (four bay FireWire 800) model into the new Gen 3 for an easy upgrade path and 300-500% improvement in speed!  Visit www.drobostore.com and use coupon code CCP50 for $50 off your Drobo 5D or Drobo 5N.


  • Joe discusses his own personal with his iPhone 5 battery drain and the article for troubleshooting by a former Apple Genius - The Ultimate Guide to Solving iOS Battery Drain — Overthought
  • Sam has used iFunBox to remove unwanted files from his clients IOS devices.PhoneView from eCamm is recommended and Jerry has used PhoneClean from iMobie.
  • Creating email signatures and client frustration. 
    Chungwa Soft's - Graffiti Email Signature Plugin for Apple Mail
    Jerry used Joe Workman's Blog post from a few years ago to create his signature - Joe's Blog
  •  Reference to HBO's new series Silicon Valley and a great t-shirt "I Know HTML" - t-shirt
  • Joe makes progress troubleshooting a clients email issues
    How to send an email via telnet - blog post by Drew Moris
  • Mavericks Server Caching Service - Great overview from Krypted
  • A discussion about turning Software Updates on or off
  • PowerMac G4 to Mac mini
  • Team Viewer For Mac and PC - Team Viewer
  • Free Option join.me from LogMeIn
  • What's your fastest SpeedTest?
    SpeedOf.Me HTML5 speed test recommended by Kevin Ginger; no Flash or Java required
  • uninstall Flash Player in Safari for better full screen experience with multi-screen in Mavericks; YouTube's HTML5 player performs better than Flash will less CPU impact; in full screen mode using the Flash Player in Safari on Mavericks
  • fit-Headless recommended by Michael Reinhart to solve "black screen" issues in screen sharing connections

047: You Can't Make 'Em Drink

Recorded live April 22, 2014

Sponsored by Smile.  Check out PDFPen for Mac, iPad, and iPhone – our go-to PDF editor.  Add annotations, edit text, even script annotations using AppleScript.  Visit smilesoftware.com/restart for more information.


- Jerry's Heartbleed email response and password changing using 1Password; comparison to Dashlane

- Jerry's client with a confusing email address

- AOL accounts frequently being compromised lately; AOL servers rejecting some messages temporarily; Joe's anecdote about a client changing his AOL password from a four-letter name to something slightly more secure

- Sam's 40-iPad deployment

- scripting PDFpen to generate PDFs; see "Imprint All Pages With Text" script included with PDFPen for Mac as a starting point

- Sam signed his first Managed Services client!

- including proactive monitoring using Watchman Monitoring in a Managed Services agreement; see also: Allen's Sample Agreement

- Joe signed his first subscription clients using MoonClerk

- 10.9.3 Beta Access

- Pebble is finally really good now; Apple's wearable coming soon?

- Dyn.com discontinuing free Dynamic DNS serviceno-ip offers a replacement service

- Joe's SMB Terror: for every machine on the network, configure: Login Items, Dock aliases, Documents aliases, other file/folder aliases (for each find kind:alias in This Mac, show original, show original, check connection, locate file on afp share, fix alias), Finder sidebar favorites, Keychains, Go: Connect to Server recents and server favorites

disable Bonjour service advertisements on the Mavericks server using this command:

defaults write /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.mDNSResponder ProgramArguments -array "/usr/sbin/mDNSResponder" "-launchd" "-NoMulticastAdvertisements"

see also: Apple's KB article

- disable SMB on shares not accessed from Windows machines

045: Tech-Savvy Clients and Migration Assistant Woes

Recorded Live April 8, 2014

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ARQ recommended by Jerry for backing up to Amazon S3 or Amazon Glacier

ZyWALL USG50 recommended by Joe for site-to-site VPN tunnels, very stable router

- “cool” clients

- dealing with semi-technical “inside guys” at clients: “don’t open the box”; work from a checklist; “don’t touch the server” and “don’t touch the network”

Ubiquiti PicoStation recommended by Jerry for extending wireless networks outdoors or to another building

- Migration Assistant woes: Plan A, Migration Assistant, hung with less than a minute remaining; Plan B, Carbon Copy Cloner, detected I/O errors; Plan C, restore from Time Machine backup, worked like a charm

- Jerry called it: Migration Assistant was failing due to bad blocks on the source machine

- recommendation before starting Migration Assistant: fully update source machine, verify disk partition map and file system, rebuild disk directory, and check for bad blocks

044: Tales from Decrypt

Recorded live April 1, 2014


- Sam is growing the practice

- freeing up time to do business development, plan projects, talk to clients

- travel charge?

- how to reimburse employee for mileage

- use PDFPen to strike through or highlight line items on invoice

- to send or not to send the zero balance invoice

- advising clients about billing for two techs on certain projects

- Jerry’s MacBook Air lockout; manual decrypt using command line

- issues with users connecting via SMB to Mavericks Server

036: Low Hanging Fruit & Slow Paying Clients

Recorded live February 4, 2014


- dealing with clients who are slow to pay

- recurring payment processing options: Ryan said, "jotform.com for cheap forms with Stripe recurring payments" and Allen said "keep the card with Merchant Warehouse; stripe will do this on its own; or recurly.com"

- serving on the ACN Advisory Council as a way to get more involved and give back to the community 

- Printers going off-line and needing to be power cycled

- why kernel_task sometimes pegs the CPU at 100% or more: seems to be related to throttling CPU intensive tasks to cool the system down when it's too warm by prioritizing simpler system tasks

- re: recent discussion on Accidental Tech Podcast about pitfalls in modern technology that our kids will think were crazy: no one mentioned passwords!

027: Cleanup tools, repairing permissions, tracking down freezes and kernel panics

Recorded live on November 19, 2013


- Day 392: the Mac mini held hostage

- Apple Configurator insight/anecdote from Jerry; 20 device limit syncing to MacBook Air

- cleaning the dyld cache and font cache

OnyXCocktailCleanMyMacTechTool ProDiskWarriormemtest with 7 loops, Disk Utility's verify disk, Drive Genius hard drive test

- MacKeeper finds over 8 PB (Petabytes) of wasted disk space, courtesy Mike Kingsley

use resetpassword Terminal command to reset home folder ACLs

- repairing permissions: helpful or just another 15 minutes of billable time?  Disk Utility's Repair Disk Permissions messages that you can safely ignore

- repairing permissions can fix some printing issues; reset printing system is the nuclear option

Knock your iPhone to unlock your Mac; great third-party app (not secret Cupertino project)

- Apple Stores configure machines to use OpenDNS and block DNS queries to non-OpenDNS servers

VPN Reorder: app to reorder connections in VPN Status menu, courtesy Allen Hancock

Picks of the week:

iStat Menus

- whatsmydns.com – Jerry

Memorable lines:

- Another 15 minutes of billable time! - Jerry, re: repairing permissions