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022: Interview with Thadd Weil, Public Relations Specialist for Synology

Recorded on October 15, 2013


Continuing our storage vendor interview series, Jerry and Sam are pleased to be joined by Thadd Weil, Public Relations Specialist for Synology America Corp. (Joe was out of town for this interview.)


- Synology DiskStation entry-level "j" series with ARM processors for home

DiskStation "+" series with Atom processors for SMB

- RackStation for business

- "xs" series with Xeon processor for enterprise; xs+ with High Availability

- Synology's naming convention

- Synology DiskStation Manager software and the Live Demo

- Link Aggregation using a DiskStation DS1812+ connected to a Retina MacBook Pro with two Gigabit Ethernet adapters


- Other Synology resources include Getting StartedNAS Selector, and RAID Calculator

- Synology is on Twitter (@Synology) and FaceBook