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279: Pontiac Data Loss

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-How do you save clients from themselves

-Jerry moves a conversation to Zendesk to have a paper trail to “CYA”

-Follow up on Joe’s gripe due to Face ID not having a “try again” feature. Michael Thomsen of Origin 84 made us aware that tilting the phone away from you and back will allow another attempt. iOS 12 has since addressed this issue.

Pontiac Data Loss.png

-After a recent to the Apple Store for a screen repair, Joe receives paperwork about “Pontiac data loss”

-Joe contemplates the new iPhone Xs Max

-While at the Apple Store, seeing the new watches was tempting, although the latest pricing could be a deal breaker. Jerry finds a deal on eBay.

-Joe encounters malware that was previously undetected by Watchman but cleaned by Malwarebytes

-For Addigy subscribers, you can offer Malwarebytes breach remediation as an automated maintenance task for your customers.

-A blast from the past, Jerry has some dealings with SMB Up

-Joe takes some advice from our friend Adam Engst at the TidBITS Content Network

-It’s that time of year for users prematurely installing the latest macOS, Mojave

-Among the plethora of disreputable maintenance software, Jerry is a fan of Clean My Mac by Mac Paw.

 Thank you to all of our Patreon supporters!

Thank you to all of our Patreon supporters!

103: SMB and Tags, Ergo Empty Folder

Recorded on May 26th, 2015

- Jerry mentions black screen issues on Apple Watch; Apple Store notes issue and next time will likely "capture" offending hardware for repair/replacement

- Sam describes an SMB issue with Yosemite Macs connecting to Yosemite Server via SMB: when adding a tag (colored label) to a folder, the contents disappear until a new folder is created on the server and contents moved into it

- Joe mentions the Microsoft Outlook "main window bug" which was fixed in Office 2011 update 14.5.1

- Sam's new client self-installed a server and configured SugarSync; now Sam is in the position of defending a local file server; Jerry suggests Synology CloudStation

- discoveryd bugs to be "solved" by bringing back mDNSresponder

- Jerry installs the Ergotech Single 320 Series Articulating LCD Monitor Arm and sends photos!