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214: Hiding In The Server Room or Where The Buffalo Roam


Jerry shares a story about working on an older MacBook Air that takes an interesting turn

Old tricks for retrieving data from dead hard drives are discussed. Do you risk it or go right to Drive Savers?

Sam makes an attempt to restore a file for a client and takes some time to hide out in the server room when he can't find it

Jerry goes through a scare with a Buffalo NAS when at a client site and comes up with a creative solution:
Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo 2-Bay 2 TB (2 x 1 TB) Network Attached Storage LS-W2.0TGL/R1 https://www.amazon.com/Technology-LinkStation-Attached-LS-W2-0TGL-R1/dp/B001696ZXA

Paragon - ExtFS for Mac 11 - https://www.paragon-software.com/ufsdhome/extfs-mac/

ReclaiMe File Recovery Ultimate
to recover Windows and Linux PCs, Macs, and NASes - - http://www.reclaime.com

Working with multiple versions of software presents its challenges

Liquid spills and freezer tricks lead to a recent Apple development:

AppleCare+ for Mac now available:
MacBook Pro 13-inch: $269.00 (vs. $249 before?)
MacBook Pro 15-inch: $379.00
iMac: $169.00 (same as before!)
Get up to 3 years of accidental damage coverage and 24/7 expert telephone technical support from Apple, the people who know your Mac best.

The guys all have Late 2016 MacBook Pros and kick around the idea of upgrading to the latest model with Apple's hardware announcements

Use Etrecheck to search for legacy items that might be affecting your computer's performance:

212: Live With Susan Chiz Berenguer of EmSpace Technology Consulting

We're sponsored this week by Watchman Monitoring, a favorite tool of ours that should be in every professional consultant's toolkit.

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This week Susan Chiz Berenguer of EmSpace Technology Consulting joins us for a conversation about her consulting practice and focusing on elder support.

EmSpace is an Independent Information Technology & Macintosh Services company, specializing in analyzing the needs and requirements of small to medium sized businesses, agencies and design firms with an emphasis on home-based clients, both on-site and via remote access. Clients rely upon EmSpace to analyze the state of their current systems, recommend the growth path necessary to enhance their production requirements, research features and develop cost/benefit analysis information. Once purchased; - install new hardware, firmware and software and train the appropriate personnel in its use and maintenance. On existing installations - advise and train clients in the practices of information archiving, memory management and network management and computing security.


187: "Merry Crimble!"

Recorded live on December 23, 2016

- When The Beatles Gave Fans A 'Crimble' Present




- We're sponsored this week by:

Watchman Monitoring, a favorite tool of ours that should be in every professional consultant's toolkit.


Visit WatchmanMonitoring.com/cmdctrlpwr and sign up for your free trial to find out how Watchman Monitoring can keep an eye on your client machines and notify you of over 100 issues. Be sure to tweet @cmdctrlpwr #CCPsentme to support the show!

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Phoenix, Arizona | May 31-June 1, 2017

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073: Mac mini Late 2014 Review and Recommendations

Recorded live on October 21, 2014

Thanks to Mac Mini Vault for sponsoring this week's episode of Command Control Power. Mac Mini Vault has the most advanced data center options for Macs, with the best pricing. They run multiple data centers and have the Mac expertise to be there for you when you most need it. Visit MacMiniVault.com to sign up and use coupon code CCPsentme for 75% off the first 3 months!  When you send in your Mac mini, tweet @cmdctrlpwr #CCPsentme to support the show!

- Joe recommends AirBase from Giros Design, a great mounting option for AirPort Extreme or AirPort Time Capsule; flexible mounting options include single/dual gang wall boxes, vertical/horizontal orientation, and wall/ceiling mount; plus AirGuard to secure device in place for ceiling mount; also, AirLatch mounts Apple TV to back of TV

- we discuss the new Mac mini Late 2014, and attempt to read the handwriting in the tea leaves on the wall; see Mac Mini Vault's teardown and benchmarks

- what are the implications of soldered RAM when Apple's memory pricing is fairly competitive

- what does the lack of Quad Core processor mean in practice for Server use? depends on number of services and users, but what is the tipping point?  how close is that tipping point to Mac Pro territory?

- with small data sets stored on the internal hard drive, the PCIe-based flash storage should offer a significant benefit vs. the HDD or even SSD options of previous models, perhaps making up for the lack of Quad Core in many circumstances

- friend of the show Mark Fuccio points out the news today from Connected Data, announcing Transporter Genesis for Business  which offers private cloud service in the form of rack mountable hardware unit, plus client software to enable file sharing and syncing that users expect from services like Dropbox; see also last week's discussion

- we stumble through a discussion of Family Sharing; here's the simple explanation from Apple: "Music, movies, TV shows, and books can be downloaded on up to 10 devices per account, five of which can be computers."

Great Firewall of China attempting MITM attack on iCloud.com?

- anyone going to MacTech Conference November 5-7, 2014?

064: Interview with Jon Schwenn, Lead Engineer of MacMiniVault.com

Recorded live on August 19, 2014

- Interview with Jon Schwenn, Lead Engineer of MacMiniVault.com (CyberLynk Networks)

- benefits of colocation vs. on premises hosting: physical security, physical safety, reliable internet and power

- types of common services running on Mac mini: backup server, file sharing, ESXI, Daylite, Xcode Server, MacPractice, Rumpus, FileMaker, LightSpeed

NewerTech Headless Mac Video Accelerator @ $19 from OWC; uses Thunderbolt: possible to connect later in daisy chain; vs. fit-Headless which uses HDMI; side benefit: screen saver and screen lock work properly

- Joe's story of Apple Store achieving 80% Mac mini Server setup after six weeks, finally referred client to ACN; two hours later, server is 100% good to go

062: Mac Repairs - The Agony and The Ecstasy

Recorded on July 31, 2014; aired on August 5, 2014

Followup from Dave Provine: How to Restart SMB automatically on Mavericks Server

Liquid Spills - Mircro Replay - 

Tools We Use - Tools that we can’t live Without
8" Straight & Curved Hemostat http://amzn.to/1qXedhv
Magnetic Projet Mat https://www.ifixit.com/Store/Tools/Magnetic-Project-Mat/IF145-167
iFixit 54 Bit Driver Kit https://www.ifixit.com/Store/Tools/54-Bit-Driver-Kit/IF145-022
Wiha - Wiha 26099 - Screwdriver Set, Slotted, 8Pc 1-4mm Bonus Pack http://amzn.to/1qXcOax
iMac Screen Removal - FastCap HOD-DOUBLE Handle On Demand - http://amzn.to/V2fdSp


Data Recovery - Driver Savers Partner Program

What repairs you regularly do. 
What repairs you won’t do and why.
Apple Store repair experiences
Depot Experiences
Out of warranty satisfaction repairs
Weirdest Repairs

060: Server, Services, and Such

Recorded on July 8, 2014, aired on July 22, 2014

Sponsored by Smile. Check out Smilesoftware.com for a great screencast from David Sparks about PDFPen for Mac, and to learn why you should use and recommend Smile's awesome software to your clients.

Still boots!


- MacBook Air torqued

- creative client interpretations of rates and service offerings

- Managed Services discussion; revisiting Easing into Managed Services

- Jerry recommends AJA System Test with the following settings: "MBytes/sec", File I/O API: Unix, "Round frame sizes to 4 KB", "Enable network volumes", Test: Disk Read/Write, Video Frame Size: 1920x1080 10-bit RGB, File Size: 1GB, "Disable file system cache"

- Jerry's legal firm successfully replaced Mac mini Server with Synology

- "working off the server" vs. copying files locally for editing and then copying back to server

- scheduled server restart to work around SMB service interruption? Sam suggests scheduling a launchd job to stop and then start SMB using serveradmin command

- Jerry recommends TP-LINK TL-WR710N 150Mbps Wireless N Mini Pocket Router with USB port for storage for streaming movies to iPad when traveling

058: Talking Shop part 10

Recorded live July 8, 2014

- Jerry's main 13-inch MacBook Air gets depot'd; what to do when your primary machine goes in for repair?

- OWC offers upgrades for flash storage modules in MacBook Air 2010-2011 and 2012 models

- how to restore client data when a machine comes back from Apple with a wiped drive? clone? update & migrate?

This is the sapphire crystal display from the iPhone 6?

- black screen at startup after migrating data to new MacBook Air; solution: delete loginwindow.plist

- Jerry's black screen Mac mini: reinstalling Mavericks fixed it

- processor throttling due to thermal protection on MacBook Pro #1: fallout from prior liquid damage, covered under 1-year warranty by MicroReplay

- processor throttling due to thermal protection on MacBook Pro #2 after machine froze during sleep: fixed with SMC reset

- Apple's Refurbished Outlet eBay Store

- using SSD Fan Control to work around lack of temperature data on third party hard drives replaced in some iMac models

057: Kobayashi Maru

Microsoft's takedown of 23 of No-IP's most common domains to stop malware, claiming their intention to keep "valid" subdomains resolving, but apparently they have been unable to handle the number of requests; Microsoft's statement

- when it rains, it pours: how to cope

- redundancy, fault tolerance, risk tolerance

- Mac mini colocation via Macminicolo.net or Mac Mini Vault

- running a mail server for clients: backup MX via Dyn.com or McAfee SaaS, or using a cheap mail server to forward messages to personal email accounts

- clients sending banking info or passwords by email, forming bad habits

049: Discretion Is the Better Part of Valor

Broadcast May 6, 2014