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276: Interview with Dr. Howard Oakley of The Eclectic Light Company



This week we are very excited to welcome Dr. Howard Oakley of The Eclectic Light Company blog.  Howard describes himself as a Former MacUser writer, RN doctor, survival medicine specialist; now blogger and painter.

-Howard has a long history with the Mac community

-When Mac User folded, Howard had a lot of completed writings and decided to start Eclectic Light Company to explore all things Mac, art, and life in general.

-Each day, Howard tries to publish at least one article about Mac and works to talk about topics that aren't well documented. He also likes to publish articles predominantly about art history.

-Joe makes a personal request for a deep dive on /var/folders as it has been a continual topic for us on the show

-Howard notes that Apple used to be exemplary in its documentation for technicians. When Sierra was released and Console was completely re-written, it inspired him to write an app to help review the data.  Thus, Consolation was born and now he has a whole stable of apps for macOS: https://eclecticlight.co/downloads/

-The play on words is something that reminds Joe about when he is using "Console" or "Terminal" in front of a client

-Dr. Oakley spends some time discussing the current state of logs and changes in recent operating systems

-Jerry wonders about Howard's motivation for the creation of the vast amount of tools he has made available.  Howard notes that apps like this don't make money so that is not his motivation but rather giving back to the community.

-As Dr. Oakley discusses the current state of affairs, he talks about the fact that although Apple doesn't need Mac to pay its bills, there is still so much to offer including a superb development platform for iOS.


241: "Not Dead Yet" With Weldon Dodd of Rewind Tech - Denver, CO


-To start the new year, we are very pleased to be joined on our first live show of 2018 by Weldon Dodd of Rewind Technology in Denver, CO.  Weldon hangs with the crew as another host in case Sam goes missing again.

-Some things never change, the old HCS land grab jokes are in full swing

-Joe discusses the first zero day exploit of 2018, actually launched via tweet on New Year's Eve. Check out the IOHIDeous narrative on GitHub, kind of interesting! The vulnerability exists in a process called IOHIDUserClient which the macOS limits to having only a single instance at any given time, which happens to be spawned by WindowServer. So in order to exploit the vulnerability, we need to kill the WindowServer process. But terminating it requires admin privileges and essentially reboots the GUI, so this is not a viable mode of exploitation. But it turns out that by logging out the user, WindowServer releases its IOHIDUserClient temporarily, giving the exploit enough time to spawn its own instance of IOHIDUserClient and leverage it to compromise the system. The exploit can use "launchctl reboot logout" which does not display a warning dialog. The exploit can also use an AppleScript command to send loginwindow an event called "AppleEventReallyLogOut" (osascript -e 'tell application "loginwindow" to «event aevtrlgo»'), and loginwindow apparently doesn't care who sent the event, but it does display a dialog box as if the user selected "Log Out" from the Apple menu.

-Jerry wonders if this will be on the CCP test

-Sam recalls a story working after hours at a client when the alarm goes off

-Weldon shares his story of a Promise RAID gone wrong. Friends don't let clients pull drives out of RAID drive bays.  It also leads to a further discussion about how to handle RAID solutions and future expansion.

-A handy virtualization app for Synology, which Sam has used in conjunction with CrashPlan, is Docker: https://www.synology.com/en-us/dsm/feature/docker

-Jerry is busy building Minecraft worlds on Synology. He ends up needing a volume formatted as Btrfs.  Read more here: https://www.synology.com/en-us/dsm/Btrfs

-Time Machine and Synology has had a spotty past

-Sam discusses a Wi-Fi upgrade in NYC and replaced aging equipment with Ubiquiti Unifi. He also has some advice on utilizing a Cloud Key.

-He also mentions a handy workaround to test network settings remotely while still needing to reconnect to the remote computer.  Joe recalls a similar solution for another problem.

-Jerry talks about the Unifi In Wall units that he has set up recently: https://inwall.ubnt.com

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Listen to the outtakes and learn the origin of this picture!

199: How Far Up The Dogpile?


-Sam runs into a long on-site day with a stack of Mac mini servers

-Clients vary about how much sensitive data they choose share with their trusted consultants

-Phishing scams can prove to be difficult to completely resolve for clients

-AOL or not?  The crew is divided

-Jerry reminds us that email, contacts, & calendars seems to be a area that constantly requires training

-A frustrating client tests Joe.  It leads to a further discussion about dealing with difficult clients.

-Sam has some follow up on the AutoMounter product he found from the App Store

169: Interview With Todd Kane, President of Evolved Management Consulting

Recorded August 18, 2016


Todd Kane and Evolved Management Consulting is on a mission to make IT a valuable enabler of small to medium businesses. Bringing 20+ Years of industry experience to your business.

Todd has led technical groups for several of largest and high growth companies in western Canada. Experience with major businesses like EnCana, Canadian Natural Resources Ltd, WestJet, Bell Canada, Long View Systems, and Fully Managed.

His work has been recognized with numerous awards, both technical and business.

Book a Consulting Session With Todd:  http://www.evolvedmgmt.com/world-class-msp

- Great Game of Business by Jack Stack http://amzn.to/2bEvmam

- The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker - http://amzn.to/2bMync0

- BrightGauge dashboard software - http://www.brightgauge.com

- Leading Geeks on money. Money and Fairness
Geeks are generally not captivated by money. It's not that they're uninterested in money; it's just not the primary motivator. Money can be very important to them, but not for the common reasons. Most people who are motivated by money are driven by the power, position, prestige, or possessions that money brings. Geeks not only are generally nor interested in these things; they tend to look down on those who are. Their attitudes toward money are much more tied up in their strong sense of fairness and justice. No one wants to feel taken advantage of; everyone wants to feel fairly compensated for their value. The passion for reason combines with a strong belief... 

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Kevin Ginger, kGinger Consulting - Weldon Dodd - Rewind Tech -Mats Schwieger - envision design, llc - Adam Rice -  Daniel Escobar, Proactechs - JD Strong, Strong Solutions - Luis Giraldo, Ook and MonkeyBox

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159: "Live" With Andy Espo of Call Andy! Macintosh Consulting

Recorded  on June 7, 2016

This weeks show is sponsored by Drobo, a family of safe, expandable , yet simple to use smart array. Drobo's are designed to protect your important data forever. Visit www.drobo.com to learn more.

In 1988 Andy Espo was running an special event production company in Boston, MA when the need for computers pushed him into a decision; “At that point, the choice was between DOS and Mac… and it was a pretty easy decision!” His interests in technology to that point had included professional audio, video, theatrical lighting and scenery and he dove into Macintosh, first succeeding in automating his business, then starting to help other businesses with their Macs as his reputation grew. In January of 1998 Andy made the transition to full-time “Mac guy” with his company, Call Andy! Macintosh Consulting. Now in its 16th year, Call Andy! Macintosh Consulting retains an array of clients in the business, public relations, marketing, architecture, advertising and design sectors. Andy is an Apple Consultants Network member, and is an ACN Advisory Council Member Emeritus.


- Early Days of the Apple Consultant Program and OnForce

- Rooted Consulting - Providing phone Help Desk services https://www.rootedconsulting.orgResidential

- Residential Work & Handling Customer Responses

- "Office space or not office space. That is the question."

MacVoices #16135: Mark Fuccio Demos The Ease of Drobo Access Set-Up

Mark Fuccio is actively involved in high tech startup companies, both as a principle at piqsure.com, or as an marketing advisor through his consulting practice Tactics Sells High Tech, Inc. Mark was a proud investor in Microsoft from the mid-1990’s selling in mid 2000, and hopes one day that MSFT will be again an attractive investment. You can contact Mark through his web site or through Twitter.



122: Buying A Used Mac & Tom Schmidt of The Mac Guys +

Recorded on October 13, 2015

                        Tom Schmidt - TheMAcGuys+

                       Tom Schmidt - TheMAcGuys+

We're sponsored this week by Watchman Monitoring, a favorite tool of ours that should be in every professional consultant's toolkit.

Visit WatchmanMonitoring.com/cmdctrlpwr and sign up for your free trial to find out how Watchman Monitoring can keep an eye on your client machines and notify you of over 100 issues. Be sure to tweet @cmdctrlpwr #CCPsentme to support the show!


- Joe, Sam and Jerry begin the show with a topic submitted by a great supporter of the show, Mark Fuccio. He asked about some tips or guidance in purchasing a used Mac.

Joe has had positive experience dealing with "MacOfAllTrades - Buy a Mac. Sell a Mac"
http://www.macofalltrades.com and "PowerMax" https://www.powermax.com

Determining battery cycle count for Mac notebooks -https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201585

You can find Mark on Twitter at @markfuccio and occasionally he appears on Chuck Joiner's "Mac Voices" - https://vimeo.com/123409153

- CCP is joined by Tom Schmidt - Tech Supervisor at The Mac Guys + who "provide exceptional repair and proactive support for Mac computers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Call 763/331-MACS (6227) in Minnesota, 715/426-9670 in Wisconsin"
You can find Tom on Twitter - @tomdar2  and also appears on this podcast http://notanothermacpodcast.com/not-another-mac-podcast/2015/7/26/not-another-mac-podcast-episode-163-backup-your-data-or-you.html

CRM Software for Computer Repair Shops and more. http://www.repairshopr.com

World's first Apple computer retailer to shutter operations on Mar. 30 http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/03/20/worlds-first-apple-computer-retailer-to-shutter-operations-on-mar-30

Apple Studio Display 21 CRT Discharge Instructions & Tool http://www.macrepaircentral.us/studio-display-21-crt/rear-housing-1.html

Apple III - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_III
"Many Apple IIIs were thought to have failed due to their inability to properly dissipate heat. inCider stated in 1986 that "Heat has always been a formidable enemy of the Apple ///", and some users reported that their Apple IIIs became so hot that the chips started dislodging from the board, causing the screen to display garbled data or their disk to come out of the slot "melted". BYTE wrote, "the integrated circuits tended to wander out of their sockets". Apple advised customers to lift the Apple III off the desk until it was six inches in the air, and then drop it to reseat the chips. Other analyses blame a faulty automatic chip insertion process, not heat."

The Apple iPod by HP

Microsoft Re-Designs the iPod Packaging


120: Shelley Watson of Wheelwrights, LLC - Managing Your Business

Recorded on September 30, 2015

We are sponsored this week by Gruntwork by Mac-MSP. Gruntwork is the ultimate managed service package for you and your clients. "Think of what you would do when trying to solve a user’s support request: run a disk verification utility. Run permission repair. Update the affected software to the latest version. With Gruntwork, those chores have already been accomplished. Your time spent troubleshooting issues is greatly reduced when the common maladies are already ruled out. Better yet, Gruntwork prevents many common problems, so the Mac just works and you can focus on higher level tasks for your client." 
Find out more at - http://mac-msp.com/gruntwork and tell them CCP sent you.


This week we are joined by Shelley Watson of Wheelwrights, LLC of Seattle, Washington.

Shelley Watson is currently Managing Partner at Wheelwrights, started in 2007 with Chris Dawe, to provide technology services including strategic planning, implementation, and support to business and education clients in Western Washington. An Apple consultant and trainer since 1997, Shelley’s past activities include working on curriculum development teams for Apple, and as an Apple Certified Trainer. Shelley earned her degree in Psychology from the University of California, never realizing it would be perfect for a career in IT.

In this episode, we talk with Shelley about her career in technology and the history of Wheelwrights, LLC. In addition, she offers incredibly insight and observations on running her technology practice. 

Find Shelley on Twitter-  @1technodiva

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116: Live with Brian Best discussing Gruntwork, CrashPlan, and more


Recorded live on September 1, 2015

Brian Best from BestMacs and Mac-MSP Gruntwork in Lawrence, KS. 
Twitter - @BestMacs & @MacMSP
email: brian@mac-msp.com

- The conversation begins with a discussion about running a CrashPlan Server on your MacAdmin office or data center. 

rsync Backups on a Mac - http://www.rsync.net/resources/howto/mac_rsync.html
Shaun Costello’s “Background Backup” - http://www.backgroundbackup.ca
CrashPlan from Code 42https://www.code42.com/solutions/

Code42 ’s Now Defunct SharePlanhttp://www.code42.com/news/releases/2013-10-01-code42-launches-secure-enterprise-file-sync-and-share/

Code42 to stop selling once-touted file-sharing product -http://www.bizjournals.com/twincities/blog/in_private/2015/08/code42-kills-shareplan-file-sharing-syncing.html

“Nobody cares about backup. Everybody cares about restore!” - Shaun Costello

- The focus of the interview moves to Gruntwork, BlueSky & OnIt for Managed Service Or Care

1) Gruntwork - http://mac-msp.com/gruntwork

Just $37.50/month for up to 15 Macs. $2.50/month each additional.
No outrageous start up fees – only $99 to setup your branding and a Gruntwork server unique to you. (Others charge $6000 or more!)
Discounts for Watchman Monitoring subscribers and Apple Consultants Network members. Annual pricing available at 10% off. Contact us for quantity breaks and education discounts.

90-day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee on monthly fees

2) Onithttp://mac-msp.com/onit
The first RMM developed and used by Mac-centric managed services providers to support thousands of Macs world-wide. “OnIt is Mac-MSP Gruntwork plus a light version of Watchman Monitoring"

3) BlueSkyhttp://mac-msp.com/bluesky
“ BlueSky: the only Mac-first, instant access, private server, behind-the-scenes capable, and unlimited concurrent admin remote solution."

Patreon sponsors:
Kevin Ginger @ kGinger Consulting LLC in Portland, OR – $10.00
JD Strong @ Strong Solutions in Spokane, WA – $30.00
Daniel Escobar @ Escobar Solutions and Proactechs.com in Miami, FL – $30.00

107: Scaling the One Man Band, Part 1 with Mike Kingsley

Recorded on June 2, 2015

We are honored to be sponsoring MacTech Pro Events. The next MacTech Pro Event is in Chicago on July 22, 2015. Get a special discount at mactech.com/events/cmdctrlpwr

Special thanks to Mike Kingsley of Kingsley Mac Consulting for joining us to discuss this great topic.

- Mike discusses his experience partnering with other consultants to share the ebb and flow of new client referrals

- considering growing the team vs. doing a partnership

- what to look out for when partnering

- how to transition clients to the concept of multiple consultants; getting comfortable with the new guy

- some clients prefer a "one man shop" with a single point of contact

- hiring an "admin" or office manager to receive calls, provide first level support, and act as a buffer

- running a GroupOn deal to generate new (usually residential) business for the new guy; repeat business can justify less up front earning

- attending and/or speaking at a business conference can generate business leads

106: Selling hardware, payment terms, and contract negotiations with Mark Fuccio, Part 1

Recorded on June 16, 2015

We are honored to be sponsoring MacTech Pro Events. The next MacTech Pro Event is in Chicago on July 22, 2015. Get a special discount at mactech.com/events/cmdctrlpwr

This week we are joined by Mark Fuccio, a Go to Market Consultant who's worked with Connected Data, Drobo and other storage vendors. Follow @markfuccio and visit his company, Tactics Sells High Tech at tshti.com

Special thanks to Mark for bringing up these important topics for discussion.


- the business of selling hardware and extending payment terms to your clients

- contract negotiations

- Jerry observes that AirPort base stations can fail to pick a new channel unless "updated" (even without actually making any changes to the configuration)

- Joe has trouble assigning a new TeamViewer ID, and seems to realize his mistake

- considerations when migrating, cloning, and redeploying machines

100: Command Control Power – Mac OS C

Recorded live on May 5, 2015

This week we are celebrating our 100th episode!  It might have been wishful thinking when we started out with three-digit episode numbers back at #001, but that foresight came to be, less than two years after starting the show. (Let's try not to go higher than episode 999.)

We did something special for our 100th episode: during the live broadcast, we invited listeners to join us on the air!

To kick off this free-for-all, we were honored to be joined by Kim Manitt of MacDivas & Neil Ticktin, Editor in Chief and Publisher of MacTech. Neil announced his own milestone: printing the 350th issue of MacTech Magazine!  (Also: 25K food servings. [Alcoholic beverages? Not fit to print.])  Kim and Neil talk with us about the upcoming series of MacTech Pro events.  Listeners: check it out! Use our link (pro.mactech.com/go/ccp/) for $200 off, plus a full year of MacTech Magazine in both print and iPad.

On a sad note, condolences to the family and friends of longtime ACN, Kevin Lockey, who has passed away after a battle with cancer. Kevin will be missed.

Huge thanks to our impromptu live guests:

Jerry recommends the BlueBuds X wireless bluetooth headphones.

And thanks to all of our live listeners for showing up month after month for our live broadcast!

099 3/4: RAIS-ing the bar with Alex Narvey

Recorded on April 28, 2015

This week we are pleased to be joined by Alex Narvey of Precursor Systems, based in Winnipeg, Canada. Alex is known for promoting the RAIS concept, which is a method to maintain a "hot standby" server using Target Disk Mode and a mirrored RAID.

R.A.I.S. stands for Redundant Array of Independent Servers.

Alex's RAIS page is a wealth of resources and information, including products and services for your servers. Direct link to Alex's RAID page-http://www.precursor.ca/precursor/resources/rais/

According to Wikipedia, RAID originally stood for "redundant array of inexpensive disks" and is now commonly considered to mean "redundant array of independent disks".  Joe's joke to start the show was originally considered pretty bad, and is now commonly considered to be just awful.

Dealing with differing network hardware across two machines, e.g. Mac Pro with two Ethernet ports and Mac mini with one, sometimes it's easier to just manually intervene rather than engineer an automated solution.

Doing something predictable, according to best practice, consistent with the expectations of an educated client or another consultant is better than over-engineering a more "tricky" solution.

Mentioned by Joe during the show - Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Government Surveillance (HBO) - https://youtu.be/XEVlyP4_11M?t=16m4s

097: Firing Clients, featuring Pam Lefkowitz

Recorded live on April 7, 2015

Thanks to special guest, Pam Lefkowitz of Core Computing, for joining us for this special live episode in which we discuss the difficult subject of firing clients. Follow Pam @alwaysdns on Twitter!

- Pam recommends the "Hold Harmless" contract when clients refuse to take our advice

- Sam shares his own recent experience parting ways with a client

- new follower Jason Joyn shares a quote from Carnegie Institute of Technology: "85% of your financial success is due to your personality and ability to communicate, negotiate, and lead. Shockingly, only 15% is due to technical knowledge."

082: Interview with Charles Edge of JAMF Software and Krypted.com

Pre-recorded on December 16, 2014

Thanks to Charles Edge of JAMF software and Krypted.com for joining us this week!


Bushel, device management for small workgroups

- Charles appeared on MacVoices recently

- Charles has a new book: Take Control of OS X Server

- Special link for Command Control Power listeners to check out the Bushel beta

079: Interview with John O'Fallon of Maxum Development

Recorded live on December 2, 2014

This week's show has been brought to you by the good folks at Blue Mango Learning Systems, makers of Clarify.  Visit Clarify-It.com to download a free trial of Clarify, and start creating how-to's and instructional documents today – and help others be great.  Use coupon code CCPSENTME for 15% off.

"And now," cried Max, "let the wild rumpus start!"


- John O'Fallon of Maxum Development, makers of Rumpus, discusses 20 years of Mac development, including Apple contracting Maxum to develop the first web server for Mac, the basis of Personal Web Sharing in System 7, Mac OS 8 and Mac OS 9!

- how Rumpus came to be

- what are the most popular features and feature requests of Rumpus

- Mike Kingsley offers a couple of examples of customized branding in the Rumpus interface

- plus, John started a brewery!

076: Interview with John Chaffee of BusyMac, formerly of Now Software

Recorded live on November 11, 2014

Many thanks to our sponsor this week, Watchman Monitoring. We're all very happy users of Watchman Monitoring. Sign up for your free trial at watchmanmonitoring.com/cmdctrlpwr and tweet @cmdctrlpwr #CCPsentme to support the show! Here's and example of a smart Watchman alert: "Time Machine AutoBackup was enabled, but is now off." Time Machine may not be completing its backups on schedule

Special thanks to our guest this week, John Chaffee of BusyMac, gearing up for the much-anticipated premiere of BusyContacts. Listen to the show for 20% off!

- John takes us on a trip down memory lane, including the history of Now Software, BusyMac, BusyCal, and now BusyContacts

- remember Now Utilities? see this TidBITS from 1994 for context (note the CompuServe email address at the bottom)

Power On Software acquired Now Software and rebranded as Now Software in early 2000's

- Calendar and Contacts cloud syncing options (iCloud, Google, Exchange, Kerio, Zimbra, Fruux, OS X Server, etc.)

- Mac App Store challenges

- how to wisely roll out a public beta (i.e. BusyContacts)

074: Managed Services Refresher with Luis Giraldo of Ook and MonkeyBox

Recorded live on October 28, 2014

This week we're thrilled to be sponsored by Smile, makers of TextExpander – which just got a whole lot better with iOS 8 and custom keyboards. Visit smilesoftware.com/restart to learn more.  Try TextExpander for free and tell your clients!

Thanks to Luis Giraldo for joining us once again to discuss Managed Services.

How does one Quantify the Value of Managed Services?

MonkeyBox integrates with Watchman Monitoring

010: Managed Services discussion with Luis Giraldo
041: Managed Services Roundtable with Allen Hancock, Luis Giraldo, and Kevin Ginger, Part 1
042: Managed Services Roundtable with Allen Hancock, Luis Giraldo, and Kevin Ginger, Part 2

071: Adware & Malware Focus with Thomas Reed of TheSafeMac and AdwareMedic

Recorded on September 30, 2014

Special thanks to Thomas Reed of TheSafeMac and AdwareMedic for joining us this week to review the current state of adware and malware on the Mac!


- Thomas has a great post on TheSafeMac: The unchecked growth of Mac adware

- Thomas generously offers AdwareMedic as fully-functional software (donations encouraged)

- thoughts on using AppleScript because it is human-readbale and "open source" by default, which builds trust