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147: Amy McKnight of The MacSpa : What’s Your Business Maturity Date?

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- Command Control Power welcomes Amy McKnight, founder of The MacSpa in Denver, CO.  - http://www.themacspa.com A Computer Boutique

Amy has a BA in Graphic Design, and has worked as a designer and freelancer in the print and publications industry. Having always working with Macs in creative industries, she has a passion for technology, as well as the arts and music, and loves coming up with creative solutions to technological challenges. After almost 6 years of immersion with Apple and training others, she partnered with colleagues to found The MacSpa. She still enjoys teaching others, solving problems, and creating on the Mac. Amy lives in Denver with her husband Eric Matelski, a well-known local artist and curator. 


- Amy and the Command Control Power team discuss Amy’s business philosophy and strategy, In the discussion she talks about the concept of a Business Maturity Date, conceived by Chuck Blakeman, her business mentor. 

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