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138: Sam's Puddy 8 Ball Jacket

Recorded "Live" on January 12, 2016

 Sam Sporting His Apple Puddy Gear

Sam Sporting His Apple Puddy Gear

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- Flashing Blue Light Of Death - Sam shares a story of recovering from a Synology update that failed. Creating an Ubuntu volume saved the day

- Jerry chats about porting his business phone number from Googel Voice to Ring Central and various issues with provider connections

- Sam has a run in with the law and gets a parking ticket in Newton, Mass. Joe mentions,  WinIt “Let us win your parking ticket! New York City Only. More cities coming soon -the parking ticket fighting app - http://appwinit.com

- Discusion about the Apple Watch- Do you demo and/or recommend it to customers?

- Sam chats about wearing his Apple jacket to the local Apple Store

- Parental controls on IOS App at https://www.qustodio.com/en/

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