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134: Airing Of The Grievances

Recorded "Live" on January 6, 2016

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- Jerry kicks off the grievance airing with a story about Comcast connections and "fine tuning" the modem

-Jerry & Sam chat about Microsoft Hosted Exchange Service performance issues

- A discussion on client billing including new rates and fees for 2016

- Joe shares a client scheduling story and discusses realistic client expectations.

- Jerry shares a client visit to change a MacBook Air battery and Googling onsite.
Great site for File Vault knowledge: Rich Trouton's Blog - Der Flounder

- Joe talks about the importance of building your organic network off client referrals

- Time Machine Backups Are Not An Archive!

- Joe chats about finding a critical deleted folder that appeared to have been deleted with no backup. Some good detective work finds the missing files.

- Jerry Switches to Ring Central For Enhanced Call Answering Solutions Using Their Auto Receptionist 

- Joe Reminds Us About His Script To Export VPN Connections In System Preferences

After Show:

Desktop Setups & General Whining

- Joe highly recommends Ergotron WorkFit-A, Sit-Stand Workstation (his new office Mac setup) and Ergotron LX HD Sit-Stand Wall Mount LCD Arm (his home office/TV setup)