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116: Live with Brian Best discussing Gruntwork, CrashPlan, and more


Recorded live on September 1, 2015

Brian Best from BestMacs and Mac-MSP Gruntwork in Lawrence, KS. 
Twitter - @BestMacs & @MacMSP
email: brian@mac-msp.com

- The conversation begins with a discussion about running a CrashPlan Server on your MacAdmin office or data center. 

rsync Backups on a Mac - http://www.rsync.net/resources/howto/mac_rsync.html
Shaun Costello’s “Background Backup” - http://www.backgroundbackup.ca
CrashPlan from Code 42https://www.code42.com/solutions/

Code42 ’s Now Defunct SharePlanhttp://www.code42.com/news/releases/2013-10-01-code42-launches-secure-enterprise-file-sync-and-share/

Code42 to stop selling once-touted file-sharing product -http://www.bizjournals.com/twincities/blog/in_private/2015/08/code42-kills-shareplan-file-sharing-syncing.html

“Nobody cares about backup. Everybody cares about restore!” - Shaun Costello

- The focus of the interview moves to Gruntwork, BlueSky & OnIt for Managed Service Or Care

1) Gruntwork - http://mac-msp.com/gruntwork

Just $37.50/month for up to 15 Macs. $2.50/month each additional.
No outrageous start up fees – only $99 to setup your branding and a Gruntwork server unique to you. (Others charge $6000 or more!)
Discounts for Watchman Monitoring subscribers and Apple Consultants Network members. Annual pricing available at 10% off. Contact us for quantity breaks and education discounts.

90-day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee on monthly fees

2) Onithttp://mac-msp.com/onit
The first RMM developed and used by Mac-centric managed services providers to support thousands of Macs world-wide. “OnIt is Mac-MSP Gruntwork plus a light version of Watchman Monitoring"

3) BlueSkyhttp://mac-msp.com/bluesky
“ BlueSky: the only Mac-first, instant access, private server, behind-the-scenes capable, and unlimited concurrent admin remote solution."

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