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107: Scaling the One Man Band, Part 1 with Mike Kingsley

Recorded on June 2, 2015

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Special thanks to Mike Kingsley of Kingsley Mac Consulting for joining us to discuss this great topic.

- Mike discusses his experience partnering with other consultants to share the ebb and flow of new client referrals

- considering growing the team vs. doing a partnership

- what to look out for when partnering

- how to transition clients to the concept of multiple consultants; getting comfortable with the new guy

- some clients prefer a "one man shop" with a single point of contact

- hiring an "admin" or office manager to receive calls, provide first level support, and act as a buffer

- running a GroupOn deal to generate new (usually residential) business for the new guy; repeat business can justify less up front earning

- attending and/or speaking at a business conference can generate business leads